Any body else having issues with other people trying to dictate the way your wedding needs to go?  You need to have this many flowers, spend this much on photography, and invite your great aunt Susan whom you've never met!  Seriously?  What happened to the small wedding I had pictured in my head? I'm so sick of it, tempted to just run off to city hall.


What has been the hardest part for you ladies?

Re: vent*

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    I have had such a frustrating day today too!  I'm not happy you're having a hard time, but I am happy I'm not the only one.

    It's been 5 months and the only things that are DONE are the venue and I've found the dress. We've looked into caterers and DJs- but that's it.  I know we have 10 months still, but the first 5 flew by so fast.

    My FI and I were going to go with a friend today who is an amateur photographer and he was going to take some photos of us at the park for our STD postcards.  He texted me 45 minutes before he was supposed to meet us to say he has strep throat.  I already had my hair and makeup done and was dressed and ready to go.  SOOOOO Frustrating!!  And of course I can't really say anything because he was doing us a favor and he's a good friend of my FI's.

    I feel like I'm getting nowhere!!
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    Yeah I learned long ago that this isn't just my wedding.  I started looking at it as marrying our two families, and that really helped my outlook :)
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    I would get a contract with your fiances friend ! What would you do on your wedding day if he got sick ! Does he have other photographers he networks with or just himself ! 

    Good Luck with your photos !
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    Honestly, I know a lot of people say this, but the only thing that I have learned that works is to not talk to people about the wedding.  My parents said they wanted to be "involved" which is fine to a point because they're funding a lot of the expenses.  However, it still is 'our day' and so I only talk to them about things that I'm willing to hear their opinions about.  Other than that, I just tell them that planning is going fine when they ask.  I try to keep details between me and FI.  
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