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Major Anxiety about Dancing!! Help :(

So I am having lots of anxiety about the father/daughter dance. I tried so hard to convince my fiance that we didnt have to do that part but he feels really strongly about it, plus I know my dad secretely wants it also. I'm just NOT a dancer and I hate the spotlight..plus my dad and I have NEVER danced together before. I know during the bride and groom first dance my fiance will help me get through it...he always does, but my dad is just as shy as I am. Anyone have any advice on how to relax about this and maybe make it easier to get through...i'm so crazy nervous about it! 
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Re: Major Anxiety about Dancing!! Help :(

  • Girlie1030Girlie1030
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    First, breath.  :)

    Do you already have a song picked out?  I'd recommend keeping it short and sweet.  And you don't have to do some big choreographed number, just a nice slow dance with your pops.  You'll both be fine!

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    maybe just dance with him sometime throughout the night, when everyone else is dancing and not all watching you (when everyone is standing off the dance floor watching). Its your wedding and if you are totally uncomfortable just do it more relaxed. There should only be traditions you feel strongly about and want to remember not things you "think" you have to do becasue everyone does them at their wedding!!!
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    How would your fiance feel about doing his mom/son dance and the father/daughter dance to the same song?   If you can do both at once, it might help, so you know at least the attention is split. 

    I was soooo nervous about dancing too, but honestly on the day of, it didn't matter.  I didn't care who was looking at me... I was so happy and so excited that nothing else mattered really.   Hopefully it will be the same for you!
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    Thanks! I hope the day of the jitters are gone. My fiance would totally dance with his mom at the same time so that will help as well. I just need to find a song that's short and sweet and easy to dance too...i'm starting my research ASAP! Thanks ladies I feel better now. I really hope it passes in the moment...i'm hoping it's the last thing on my mind!  
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