Linen rental question (and somewhat of a VENT!)

Hi all,

I am curious to know if any of you are going through a linen rental company for your wedding? If so, how much are you being charged and for what?

My catering company (who I am using only because it is the preferred vendor at my site) is consistently missing things... which is stressing me out already about 6 months before my wedding!
We have an appointment this week to go to the linen rental place to actually see what our options are and make some final decisions. So our package that we got at our site includes ordinary linen table cloths and napkins (in a variety of colors). I have seen pictures of weddings were satin table cloths, overlays, and/or table runners have been used and look fabulous. I'm not saying that I want all of those things, but I want to see, in person, what those would look like. So, because I have already experienced a couple of mishaps with the caterer already, I sent her an email this morning outlining exactly what I want to have available for our appointment this week. She emailed me back stating that those additions may cost an extra $10-15 PER TABLE! What?! I can buy those linens for less online... and that apparently accounts for whatever I am already paying as part of my package?! You have to be kidding me!

I appreciate anyone else's input on what they are planning to pay for their linen rentals, so I can figure out if I need to start looking at finding a new linen rental company (or just purchase the table linens myself!)?

Thank you, ladies!

Re: Linen rental question (and somewhat of a VENT!)

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    You may be out of luck, sorry :(
    The company I'm going with is doing my linens for around that as well - $15 for the table linens (shiny poly), $13 for the runners (sheer platinum), $20 for the head table linens, $1 each for napkins (satin), $4.50 for chair covers (white) and $1.50 each for chair ties (sheer platinum).

    The total estimate right now is at $1630 give or take. That's for 15 tables and 3 head tables with 150 chairs.  I'm also doing some scalloping at the head table with special pinning and such, so that's included.

    I did go a tad more upscale on my linens because I didn't want just plain white or another color in a boring fabric, but I'm not going outrageous either.
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    Well, we are already paying for basic linens (I just requested an itemized invoice from our site). The caterer is saying that it will be an additional $10-15 per item on top of what we're already paying for. I guess I'll have to see how much of our money is already going towards the linens before I can really say whether or not that extra cost is reasonable?

    Thanks for your input (very helpful!).
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    The first venue we were seriously looking at required us to go through them for linen upgrades (they only offered white or ivory). They estimated around $600 for just our tables, which broke down to $50 per table. I was shocked. We're not going with that venue now, so we'll be looking into other linen vendors, but if someone told me $15 per table I'd be all over it.
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    Ok, so I figured out what we're paying already for basic, polyester napkins ($1 ea) and tablecloths ($15 ea.) I really just want to upgrade my tablecloth rental to satin tablecloths and add 1 pintuck table runner to the candy bar table. So, $30 each just for a tablecloth rental when I can purchase the same thing online for 1/2 that seems ridiculous to me. Am I crazy?!
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    Not sure what side of the valley you are on but check out here in the valley. Best prices I found...Their rental prices are listed on the site. My table overlays are only 8.00 each, the venue is providing a black table cloth. I believe the cost of chair covers and sashes are 2.95 each with installation - I am only going with a sash, no chair cover for 1.75 each with installation. I am also renting my vases through them for $5 (includes 3 vases) a table. And they gave me a discount for paying in full, 10%. For 125 guests I am only at about $500 with vases.... She had a huge selection and was very helpful. Best of luck. 
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    Thank you, Elizabeth!
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    I am trying to start a linen co'op so brides can purchase thier linens which is so much cheaper and then each bride shares with the other on their day...So if you needed 15 black table clothes. I would buy 7 you buy 8 and we swap on our wedding days so each isn't spending a crazy amount of money. Just a thought. These rental places are so crazy with what they want to charge
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