So stressed... wedding colors

Ok my colors are red, black and I guess white or silver....

My bridesmaids and maid of honor are all wearing black. My dress is white with red trim at the top and the corset back is red. My fiance will wear a red vest and tie...

Now, should all the groomsmen wear red vests and ties as well or should theirs be black to match the BM? I want it to look amazing and having trouble deciding.

Please help! Thanks!!

Re: So stressed... wedding colors

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    Hmmm, if it were me, I think I would probably want the groomsmen to match the bridesmaids. Are you going to have red flowers? If so, then the bridesmaid's bouquets and the groomsmen's boutonnieres will act as little pops of red! Maybe if you decide to incorporate the silver, you can have the groomsman wear silver vests and the bridesmaid's wear silver shoes!

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    mmm good idea on the shoes and boutonnieres! Thanks!
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    I personally would do the red vesta nd tie - but I am also putting my guys in pink vest tie and hanky. I don't think tehy need ot be mathcy mathcy and hte guys will definitely pop - you could also hints of red to the girls with sashes, jewelry, shoes, etc.
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    I like the splash of color with the red.  I think it looks strange if all of the men don't match.  Haha it will look amazing regardless of what everyone's wearing, but no one will be able to take their eyes off of the beautiful bride! :)
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    Well I decided to go with red for the bridesmaids and they will cary white bouquets, I will have a red bouquet. My fiance will have a red vest with red tie and red boutinnere and I think I will prob do red on the best men as well.... Just don't want to overdo red. So may do black on them. Still deciding that one. Thanks everyone, I am sure I will have a million more questions!
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    Our wedding colors are red and black too with an accent of silver.

    We did ours this way...
    Maid of honor is wearing a black dress with a red sash
    All other bridesmaids are wearing red dresses with black sashes (didn't spell that right lol)

    Best man is currently over in Afganistan right now so he is either going to wear his Marine dress uniform or a black tux to match the maid of honor
    Groomsmen will be wearing red vests, hanky and tie

    My dress is going to be ivory and have a red sash
    Hubbys is going to have a red tie and red vest I think too. Just a different cut in the jacket.

    But they are right anyway you decide to do your wedding party it is going to look great. Don't sweat the small things. :) The Priest at our church was saying that if people put as much thought into their marriage as they do the wedding there would be a lot less divorces in our country. And it sounds corny but it is definately true. I wish you luck and let us know how everything is turning out. When is your day?? Ours is October 30th.

    Good Luck :)
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