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Can anyone recommend a great MAU who is willing to travel to the bride's house on her wedding day? I've had some busts with makeup trials. I just want to look & feel the best that I can that day so I'm still struggling to find a great MAU who can accomplish that. Thanks for your help ladies!

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    Well, my make-up artist is coming to me, but I am not sure if she normally does that or not, she is one of my good friends.  She works at Rolfs, and I know you did not like your experience there, but she works for the Rolfs on the west side, so it may be a different experience.  SHe has done my make-up for other weddings I have been in, and I have done my trial with her, all turned out great. Llike I said, I do not know if she normally travels, but it is worth a shot if you want to try another Rolfs make-up artist. Let me know if you are interested and I will get you her contact info.
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    I would definitely recommend Adriana Fontes.  She was suggested to me and is doing my makeup for my wedding on the 27th of March.  I had a few horrible trials, but Adriana was awesome!  She specializes in natural-looking makeup (as opposed to the heavy makeup look).  She definitely travels and will travel to you for your trial also.   Here is her contact information:
     602.763.6794  Good Luck! m.
    [email protected].
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    Hi Ladies,
    I am a planner in the valley and I work very closely with Adriana Fontes and Artistry on Location and would highly recommend giving them a call. They come to you on your wedding day and will do all of your hair and makeup needs for you and any of your bridesmaids as well. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with them!
    Their website is: and">

    Best of Luck Planning!
    Asaré Event Planning">
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    I have a few MUA's!

    Amber with Glamberous was one of my MUA


    Meleah with SassyFace

    Both came and did make up for me and the BM's at my hotel
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