Cakes... Again! Hahaha

So my FMIL has graciously offered to upgrade our cake.  However, I can't decide between the companies.  I also can't do any tasting before booking, because I'm now out of state :(  I need your help!

Re: Cakes... Again! Hahaha

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    Sorry Dolce Pesca not Pescana!
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    I am going with La Dolce Pesca, PJ has the BEST tasting cake I have ever had!  And given the fact that I used to do weddings in Phoenix, I have had hundereds of wedding cakes!  I have tried the cakes of your other options as well, and they are both very good, you probably can not go wrong, but I do not think they compare to La Dolce Pesca.  I would rate your choices there 1) La Dolce Pesca 2) Classic Cakes and 3) A piece of cake.  Two more of my favorites are Honeymoon Sweets and Barbs Bakery.
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    So far, working with Piece of Cake has been easy and fun. We had our initial tasting, and after we signed they said we could request more samples and just pick them up at their store whenever was convenient for us. When we went to pick up the requested additional samples, they had FILLED a to go box with them. Loving the butter rum infusion flavored cake with caramal buttercream filling :)
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    I LOVE Classic Cakes & Confections & working with Ella has been such a treat! She's so involved in the process & she really cares about her product & making you happy. Plus, this was the only bakery that managed to decorate cakes so beautifully (something you'd see on a cake challenge on the Food Network as all flowers are handmade & painted by Ella) & they taste delicious! She uses high quality ingredients & it makes such a difference, especially with the fondant, which tastes like marshmallows & not cement. Lol. Good luck!
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    [QUOTE] Loving the butter rum infusion flavored cake with caramal buttercream filling :)
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    Yum, now I am hungry!!!
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    I'm going with Graceful Cake Creations.  Grace has a lot of really yummy and different flavors, like pina colada (which sounds wierd but tastes delicious).  The venue I had originally planned to use wanted me to use Piece of Cake, and I was very impressed with the beauty and variety of their work.  I never got as far as a tasting, however, because over the course of my communication with them, I asked them for three things.  Their responses were we don't, we can't and we won't.  Three strikes, you're out!
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    Depends on what facility you are using.  Some bakers offer discounts depending on which facility you are using for your reception.  Ours comes with a cake from but if it didn't we would have gone with

    BakerWee did one of my bridesmaids wedding last October and it was spectacular!  I never like wedding cake and tasted awesome.  She also does some beautiful work!

    Good luck!
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