Phoenix Area Wedding Venues

I am planning my wedding and was looking at venues in Tucson but I think I would also like to start looking in the Phoenix area as well.  Does anyone know of any nice, not super expensive places?  It would be prefered if they were all inclusive.  I was looking at resorts in Tucson but those got quickly expensive once you factored in drink/liquor costs.  Thanks!

Re: Phoenix Area Wedding Venues

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    Tre Bella in Mesa is good value-they are all inclusive and have good packages which include DJ. It's a good looking space as well.
       Windmill Winery in Florence is good looking, and all inclusive with good prices also. 12 Main in Mesa is also all inclusive-I don't know that much about them other than that. I've heard Bella Giardino has good prices also. I've also heard In the Bungalow and My Vintage Venue have good prices also.
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