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Hi Girls! I am an old school Knotie who is a Nestie now. I guess the Knot takes away how many posts you've done once you get married and  booted over to the nest! lol

Anyway, I just wanted to poke my head in. Introduce myself, I swear i'm not a random! LOL! I know some of the knotie girls here post over on the PHX nest as well looking for advice. So I thought I might poke my head over here every once in a while and chime in on some posts.

I do work P/T(like 2 saturdays a month) for a vendor, though I wont say who it is, because I know thats a no no ;)

Anyway, I am full of info and way obsessed with weddings, so if you have any questions let me know.

Here is the link to my wedding website

My Vendor List

Wedding Dress: Azteca, Got a smoking deal on it, beware though they have crappy customer service.

BM Dresses: I Do I Do....The dresses turned out AMAZING, however I Do I Do can eat a bag full. They are terrible. I had to write a 2 page letter to the owner. I hear that it is now owned only by the guy of the family and that the service got worse. Which is to bad, its a cute shop

Tuxes: Jims Formal Wear...which I Do I Do and a bunch of other places rent. I liked Jims better then Mens Warehouse because the color and pattern selection was sooo much better then MW. I did rent them thru I Do I Do and didnt have any issues with them.

Flowers: Butterfly Petals!!!!!!!! Cant say enough great things about Amanda. She RULES!

Cake: Classic Cake and Confections! Yummmmmm Ella is awesome! Not onl do her cakes look amazing but they taste amazing as well. Some bakeries in the Valley have really cool looking cakes, but lack in the taste department. Not Ella's!

Invites and all things paper: Definitely Debra! Our invites came out amazing! We've been married over a year and people STILL have our invites on their fridge! Our table numbers, programs and all the little signs we did around the venue came out so great.

Venue: Corona Ranch. We got married here because we had such a large guest # (our final was 286). the food is AMAZING and CHEAP! I think we paid something like $25 a person! The site is really pretty, but rustic. And far. We had a lot of people leave early and I think its because the venue was just to far and people wanted to get home. My contact Diana was amazing all the way up until the day of my wedding. She and I got into it a few times and so I hold some reservation with recomending this place. But if you are on a budget, give it a look.

DJ: My DH is involved in the local music scene, we were able to get a friend to do it for free.

Band: Again, got a band for free!!!!!!!

Photogs: We had friends do it who are amazing! We paid very little for the friend discount.

Videographer: Again friends.

Make Up & Hair: Amber of Glamberous (she was a Knottie)" target="_new">  and Meleah

Alterations: Janet Kirkman! She does amazing work and doesnt charge crazy prices.

Wedding night hotel: Point Hilton Squaw Peak. All of our OOT guests stayed here because they have 2 story casitas. So it made it really easy for families. Also gettng ready the morning of with 9 BM's in my room made it super easy because of all the space.

Mini-Moon: We paid for most of the wedding ourselves so DH's parents gave us a mini moon since we had zero $ left for a real honey moon. We went to L'Auberge de Sedona....UNREAL! WE had a private cabin by the creek. It was sooo relaxing! It is super $$$ but worth every penny!

I think I covered everything :)

Re: HI Knoties! Intro

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    That's so funny Kirstin! I too just came over here... I didn't mean to, but by the time I pressed enter on my browser bar, here I was!

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    Ha, I guess my ticker doesn't work over here... Weird!
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    hhahaa how Random is that!
    Also Why does it say you have 1740 post and I got put back to zero? lame!
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    Hi!  When I first got engaged, last April, you had recently gotten married and were still pretty active on this board!  You gave me such good advice, especially on flowers!  Amanda has been wonderful to work with!  Stop on in more often!
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:71Discussion:860bf359-dc71-4262-8345-ab5c9136cda9Post:cce4a25c-fcf7-476f-8823-2daf92baf7c7">Re: HI Knoties! Intro</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hi!  When I first got engaged, last April, you had recently gotten married and were still pretty active on this board!  You gave me such good advice, especially on flowers!  Amanda has been wonderful to work with!  Stop on in more often!
    Posted by FutureMrsL.R.Allen[/QUOTE]

    RAD! I am glad I was helpful :) Ive tried to come back many times, but for some reason the Knot kept kicking me off and wouldnt let me post.

    It looks like it might let me play again. We shall see. You can always page me on the Phx nest board ;)
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    That is wierd that they kicked you off!  I am glad you are back now :-)  I will be joining you on The Nest in about a month and a half now!
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    I definitely second the come back often!  I love when past knotties come back and offer their advice!  BTW, I love your siggy pic! So cute!  Welcome back!
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