Best Vendors EVER :) my review and picture link

After almost a month of being married, I wanted to spread some love and good info because we were so please with all of our wedding day vendors!  We received so many compliments from our guests on everything :)

Sassi-beautiful spot for a wedding and a reception, very organized, helpful, and professional staff.  Everything there is so pretty and has so much character.  We had 94 people at our wedding and the size was perfect for a smaller-medium size wedding (you could fit more guests though).  I loved this spot there is so much natural beauty, its just gorgeous!  Oh, and the food is amazing!!!
Jason and Jessica, owners of Session Nine Photography, are AMAZING.  They are so talented and so creative, and to top it off, they are great people and fun to have with you throughout the day.  Our preview is available on their blog at down to Evan + Megan) there's tons of other photos on their website.  They have such a cool style of photography.  Seriously, I couldn't be more happy.  We have found our photographers for everything!

We used Eric with Got you Covered and he was awesome.  They party went so smoothly, he kept the guests engaged and having fun, he brought so much life to our party.  We met with him before our wedding to talk about music and he is a cool guy.  We picked music for garter toss, bouquet, cake, etc and his suggestions were the best!  You don't see him "setting up" he's all of a sudden there and ready to go and very professional.  He had a few surprises for our reception and they were very fun.  The music he played throughout the cocktail hour, diner, and dance was perfect!  Not one bad song-seriously!  Every guest had a blast.  We loved him!

We used Celebration Strings, had their string trio play, and they were wonderful.  Very open communication lines and very helpful with song selection.  This was a nice touch to the ceremony.

Chandler Dolce, they were awesome.  Everything was very organized, all of my girls looked beautiful, we were all very very happy!  The new bridal coordinators at Chandler are great and very easy to communicate with via email.  I also was able to talk to them in the salon a lot too.  I had a a few skin treatments done leading up to the wedding and it was always fun talking with the girls, they all shared my excitement :)

Amanda, with Butterfly Petals.  Again, here's another vendor who is so talented and SO creative.  She did all my girls bouquets, my bouquet, all the cake flowers, aisle accents, tons of fresh petals and 2 big centerpieces for the reception area.  I loved everything, but my favorite of her "creations" would have to be the big centerpieces in the reception room and my bouquet, I just loved it :) 

Les Morr with Morr Films.  We do not have our video back yet, but I think we are going to be very pleased.  He was very professional and very energetic.  He didn't just follow around the photographers, which was good.  He captured all the moments with the two of us, but also went and filmed things that we did not get to be a part of, cocktail hour, girls getting ready/boys getting ready, etc.  Now I will get to see what my groom and the rest of the boys were up to!  I can't wait to see the video!

I got my dress, veil and accessories from Lillian Lottie Couture in old town.  We also rented all the tuxes from Lillian Lottie too!  I loved my dress and I love the girls that work there.  They are all so helpful and sweet.  Getting the tuxes there was a great decision too, they helped make sure they were the right style and colors.  I went there 3 times while dress shopping, and the girls were so helpful every trip.  They made my veil with lots of crystals, customized my earrings, and made my hairpins, awesome and talented group of women at this store!

That should be everyone!  Everything else was DIY!  I didn't know anyone getting married when I planned my wedding so I picked all my vendors using online reviews, I hope this is helpful to some ladies out there : )  Good luck and have fun!

Re: Best Vendors EVER :) my review and picture link

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    Thanks this is really helpful!! Can you tell me how much you paid for your DJ and flowers? Trying to figure out how much I should budget.
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    Thanks so much for the review! Where are the pics? I didn't see the link?
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    My fiance and I are using Session Nine Photography also. They are so great to work with. I loved our engagement photos and I can't wait for wedding!
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    The link is in paragraph about the photographers :) but here it is again,

    kjoseph81: We packaged the dj/musicians together, so I don't know what the dj is separately.  And the cool thing about Amanda, the florist, is that you can tell her any number and she can help make that happen!  She was really easy to work with.  I ended up adding a few things after our original contract and she was really flexible.
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