We have our cake vendor!

Finally after several appts with different vendors of taste testing and telling about what we vision...I have found the  one!  Her name is Miranda and I feel as if she is a friend who is doing me a favor and making my cake!  Seriously when I met felt so genuine and she nailed it on the dot in what I hoped for!  I sent her several emails of pics, colors, and cake flavors a couple of weeks ago! she brought me a dozen of full cupackes of different flavor combinations that I requestd and a couple of more that might spark my interest! Can we say WOW!!!??And if you are fan of fondant...hers is actually the best I have had...very fluffy and soft!!  But we are going to stay traditional for our guests and go with buttercream.
  Then she handed me several sketches of what the ideas I had emailed and thats when I fell in love!  It was EXACTLY what we wanted!  The color was a little off...but I then I showed her a swatch and she took it from there!  And....she is going to look for our cake topper that we had discussed and sell it to me at cost!

So if you need a cake vendor...please call Miranda!  Her prices are super reasonable...fresh cake goodness from scratch and she only books one cake per event her whole focus will be on yours!! 

I hope you find her just as helpful as I have!!!

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Re: We have our cake vendor!

  • NillaWafer10NillaWafer10 member
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    It looks like she does really nice work, and has some smokin prices!  Congrats!
  • emily.ayalaemily.ayala member
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    Thank you for posting this! I will need to start looking for a cake vendor soon and really wasn't sure where to start. This sounds like a great place to check out!
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