Boojum Tree/ Castle at Ashley Manor/ Villa Sienna

So we finally have narrowed it down to one of these three places. We have not gotten a chance to go to Villa Sienna yet because our weird schedules. However, I recieved a pricing list and a little iffy about the costs. Has anyone had their wedding at any of these places? If you don't mind sharing your overall experience, and how much it cost(and what you got from the cost) that would be awesome! Better to hear from real life brides!

Re: Boojum Tree/ Castle at Ashley Manor/ Villa Sienna

  • We looked at Villa Siena seriously. In the end it was too pricey for us for what you get. Also, you are required to use one of their preferred cateres and if you have a DJ, you must use their preferred company as well.
       We also thought Boojum Tree was overpriced, but some of that was that we didn't really like it that much.
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    My sister works at Villa Siena and my fiance and I really wanted to have our wedding there, until we found out the cost for a Saturday in March. Since the day we get married is more important than the place, we picked a place that was more sentimental and much more affordable. Villa Siena is really awesome and you do get a lot for your money, but it is a pricier venue. The DJ, caterer, and photographer are the three vendors they say you have to pick from the preferred list, but if there is a vendor you really want to use, then they are willing to consider it and work with you.
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  • We just had our wedding at Villa Siena and all of our guests loved it!  The place is so beautiful and everybody at the venue was so helpful.  Correction on the PP, they ask you to choose from their preferred vendor list for DJ, caterer, and florist.  If you absolutely wanted someone from outside they are willing to work with you.  The venue is on the pricier side but it also depends on the month and the day of the week.  You also get a day-of coordinator that will help you with everything on your wedding day.

    We attended a wedding at Boojum Tree.  Villa Siena and Boojum Tree are totally different, so it depends on what you want.  Boojum Tree is more garden and mostly outside if that's what you prefer.  Villa Siena could be inside or outside and it's a Tuscan style venue.  The dancing was done outside after the reception and because of that, everybody was more spread out around the venue.  The wedding was in May but it didn't feel too warm.

    I don't know anything about the Castle.
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