Printing from did you do it?

Hey ladies-
I had my invitations designed and need to get them printed and cut.  How did you do it?  How was your file saved and how did you have them printed multiple per page?
I have files ready in PDF and Jpeg but not I go about doing it.

I'd love to hear how you did yours...
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Re: Printing from did you do it?

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    We had our Save-The-Dates printed at OfficeMax. It's actually cheaper than Kinkos! Also, both use the same print cardstock as
    They can open any file, but I used a .pdf and I also save it in photoshop just in case. They told me that a .pdf stores true colors better.  I would check the print quality to make sure it's at least 300dpi so nothing will not look pixilated. 
    There was one problem we ran into: The background color came out a totally different color on the printer! Our color is Teal and it printed Royal Blue. Definitely ask for a trial print first (it's free, or t least we didn't pay for like 2353462 trials! lol) just in case you have a custom color from photoshop. I ended up going home and saving the file with several different shades of Teal so that way their printer was sure to read them.

    Here's a pic:

    Good Luck and let us know what you end up doing!
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    I put mine on a zip drive stick thing-y and brought it down there.  As PP said, do a test first.  As for layout, I did put 2 invites per sheet, as well as all of the inserts on one piece of cardstock ( we did pocketfolds with 3 inserts).  I cut them myself instead of having Kinkos do it because the inserts we not standard sized cuts.  It was a pain in the butt to cut it all, but it was worth it in the end because they turned out great and it saved a lot of money to do it this way.
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    We did not use Kinkos, but for our Save the Date we used Alpha Graphics. 

    Like PP said, I loaded the images on to a zip drive and took them down there.  They sat down and downloaded them onto their computer.  They were able to give me a price quote.  They gave me lots of advice as to file type, bleeding the image, where to make the cut lines and putting 2 cards per page.  After we nailed down the specifics, they printed me a proof. 

    For the Save the Date, I felt like they were very well priced.  They charged per cut, so, if they make one cut through 100 invites, that is one charge.  Not one charge per invite.   Hope that makes sense (so, for a stack of 100 invites, it was only $7 because that was the minimum cutting charge)!
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    This help was exactly what I needed to know!!!!  I just needed to know how to approach this kind of job when I went in there. I had no words or even knew what to expect from them!!!

    Thanks ladies! I will be sure to post a pic of the final result! Can't believe I'm on the invitations stage!!!! So exciting!!!!

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