Desert Botanical Gardens

Have any of you used this venue or been to a wedding held there? Specifically in the Webster center area. My fiance and I love it, we're pretty much completely sold on having our wedding there, but we're not sure how the ceremony/reception set up works. The reception would definitely be held on the Ullman Terrace, but I've been seeing a lot of photos of ceremonies being conducted there, too. Do any of you know how that transformation between cermony and reception takes place in that space, if at all? They also have the option of holding the ceremony at the Binns Wildflower Pavillion, but it costs $1,700 to rent for a 5 hour reception, which feels a little extreme for a 45 minute ceremony. Any other information on how this venue works would also be greatly aprpreciated :)

Re: Desert Botanical Gardens

  • Have you gone down there to talk to their event coordinator yet?  I'm sure she has pictures/suggestions on how weddings are set up.

    Good luck with the venue!  H and I would have loved to get married there, but it was a little over our budget.  It's a beautiful place though!
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    I have been to a wedding there, the ceremony was on the same terrace the reception was.  They had the chairs set up and all the tables were pre-set off to the side.  The cocktail hour was in the courtyard area that was through the gate from the terrace near the buildings and they re-set the ceremony site for dinner and dancing during the cocktail hour.  I have to say, it was one of the prettiest places I have been to a wedding, at night the mountain was all lit up and there were white lights in all the trees, it was amazing!
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