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Got to check out MY dress! (cross post)

Hooray, I got to go check out my dress today, since it just got into the store this week.  Funny story, I signed in at the front, they went to get the dress and a dressing room.  I walk into the room, and they said "Here's your dress" to which I quickly replie, "No...that is not MY dress".  The lady looked like she was going to pass out, as I noticed that the name tag was similar to my name and she grabbed the wrong one.  Note this dress was about the total opposite style as the one I had bought.

Dress fits really well, only really need hemming and maybe a little dart in the top.  She laced me up all good and tight, which looked great...but maybe I'll need to get loosened so I can eat?  :) 

Has anyone found a comfortable and supportive long line bra?  I just got one from Fredericks, but dont' think its all that comfortable.  I wonder if they can sew cups in for a 36C?  Anyone know?  I'm already worried about being too hot too.

I tried on veils, although I ordered one through etsy (someone needs to stop my etsy purchases, it is really adding up!).  I think I'm pretty happy with the one I ordered and similar ones at the store were twice the price. 

Oh - and I desperately need help with shoes!  HELP!  I want blue (or something I can dye blue) heels that are pretty comfortable, do they exist?  I am such a baby when it comes to shoes and can't stand being uncomfortable.  I just got a pair of dyable wedges, but not feeling too great on the feet.  Think I better go to the store to try things on, so anyone have suggestions as to where to go.

(wow this is a book for a I just got to see the dress I already saw and showed off)  First fitting is scheduled in like 2.5 weeks.  And here is a pic of me in the sample for your reward for reading my rambling.

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Re: Got to check out MY dress! (cross post)

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    That is gorgeous!!

    Too funny about her grabbing the wrong one first...  I bet she had a million things running through her mind.  LOL

    I got my longline bra at David's and it's actually really really comfy!  Sorry I can't help any with shoe rec's...  I'm not a big shoes woman at all, and I'm wearing purple ballet flats on my day I think.  For SURE not wearing heels, because my FI is about 4 inches shorter than me as it is.  =)

    Can you believe you're less than 2 months away?  I can't even imagine that point right now!

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    My daughter also got hers at Davids and said it was the most comfy!
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    I use shopstyle.com to look for shoes... Have you tried looking online at zappos, or dsw for something you might like, and then check out stores?

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