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If you feel comfortable with it, I'd be interesting in hearing what everyone's budget and spending breakdown was for their wedding.  Trying to weigh the pros/cons of the packages vs plan yourself and diy etc.

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Re: Wedding Budget

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    I looked at both options.  However, most of the all inclusive that I liked, were way out of my budget for what I wanted.  I wanted a Saturday wedding and reception in November.  Since November is a high wedding time, I found what I wanted was out of my budget range (25,000 to 35,000) when all was said and done.  There were some less expensive all inclusive options, but I did not like the venues or location or options. 

    So, I searched for a venue where I found the vendors.  I found a venue that was reasonable and then can work to keep it in my budget. 

    I would recommend looking at the knot budget tool.  Put in the amount you want to spend in and see how they divide up your budget.  You can even search the web for other budgeting tools.  Then, start looking at both.  See which way is more feasible on your budget.  

    I am aiming for 15K as my budget.  In the end, I think I am happier knowing where the money went!  And, I have some control over it.

    Good Luck!
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    I originally tried to budget for a $7,000 wedding, but I'm probably going to be at about $10,000 out the door.  Often times you forget about tax, gratuities, gifts and misc spending. 

    I second using the knot budgeter.  It was a really good baseline for my budget.  I adapted it to fit my personal needs, and I use an excell spreadsheet to keep track of ALL of my spending.  I know it can get really out of hand if you don't realize how much you are spending.

    Here is a rough estimate of where my money is going.

    Attire/Beauty $1,000
    Venue $2,500
    DIY Catering and Bar $2000
    DIY Wholesale Flowers $600
    Photography $1,500
    Videography $800
    Stationary $500
    Groom's Ring $300
    Gifts $200
    DIY DJ Equiptment $200

    That totals to just shy of $10,000. I figured that there will be unforseen purchases to round it up nicely :).  FI's family is orchestrating all of the music with the exception of about 2 hours of dance music, so that was not included in the budget. Also not included is an officiant fee, because my pastor graciously does not charge.

    I have heard a lot of really great things and bad things about the all inclusive packages. They are great if you want stress free planning, and don't mind spending a little extra.  (A wedding planner can help you plan and organize, and they often times can save you money with the vendors)  I would recommend planning yourself if you are willing to put in the time and energy for research.  You can have a fantastic wedding on a budget, as long as you research. 

    FI and I decided that we weren't willing to pay for our wedding with what could be a down payment on a house.  It was a personal decision, and I'm happy we agreed.  It's was important to us that we didn't get into crazy debt starting our life out together.  Splurge on what's most important to you, and conserve on other areas.

    Good luck!
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    I am doing a plan yourself with some DIY.  Its a Saturday night wedding in March.  Budget is right around $8800

    Venue $750
    Food & Drink $$3510
    Attire & Accessories $700
    Officiant $200
    Decorations $355
    Flowers $250
    Cake Toppers $75
    Guest Things (baskets and favors) $625
    Photography $800
    DJ $500
    Invitations $40
    Hotel $300
    Transportation $150
    Gifts $350

    My cake is a gift from my mom.  The venue does the food and drinks, so we are not doing that ourselves.  I looked into all inclusive and I felt I could do it cheaper myself.
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    Here is a breakdown of all the stuff for our wedding (except for the rings). We had a smaller budget and it worked well I thought. We had around 60 guests attend.

    Venue/Food/Decorations/DJ/Photgrapher - $3200
    Wedding dress/accessories/alterations - $650
    Flowers - $160
    Cake - $100
    DIY Invites/Stamps/Save the Dates - $120
    Mens ties - $80.00
    Gifts for bridesmaids/groomsmen - $230

    Total approximately - $4540

    (Favors were a gift. Toasting glasses, cake cutters, ring bearer pillow, and flowergirl basket we alredy had).
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    Thanks everyone for all the feedback - that really helps in making a reasonable budget for the wedding!

    Hoping to book a venue early next week!  Yeah!
    BIO: Updated 7/28 with bridesmaid dresses

    Amy & Ian

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