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Vendor Reviews

Starting from the beginning……


Az Bridal and Formal-  I bought my dress at AZ Bridal and Formal right after we got engaged, about a year and a half ago.  I still remember it perfectly clearly though because I had such a great experience.  My consultants name was Carly and she was so awesome!  She wasn’t the least bit pushy or annoying.  She listened to what I wanted while also getting me to branch out a bit without feeling pressured.  I have shopped at chain places like Davids Bridal for my sisters’ gown when she got married and also for my bridesmaids’ dresses and my experience here was soooo much better!   Since I had plenty of time I decided to order my dress instead of buying the one there.  I ordered it in May and they said it would be in by October.  It actually ended up arriving in August which was a pleasant surprise.

Also, I forgot to mention that they had a deal where if you paid in full that day you got your crinoline for free and choice of a hairpiece.  I passed on the hairpiece but getting the crinoline free was great! 

The only downside I could see about this place is that they don’t have their own alterations department.  It wasn’t an issue for me because it was so far from my house I probably wouldn’t have taken  it there anyway, but just be aware that they just refer you to a place instead.’

Overall, I had a great experience and highly recommend them to anyone.


Aldea at Tlaqupaque-  I went to a wedding here a few years back and fell in love immediately.  We know right away that this was the venue for us.  We ended booking our wedding on a Thursday night which was a great option for our budget.  We had the bronze package, which is the lowest package they offer, but don’t let that fool you a bit!  Soooo much was included in our package!  And having it on a Thursday it included all the same things as a Saturday, but was half the price.  It included, all the chairs, deocrations, and lines for the ceremony and cocktail hour.  All the linens, utensils, water glasses, plates, and centerpieces for the reception (I added a few of my own touches to the centerpieces)  Also included is a bar tender, all the soft drinks and mixers, cups, napkins etc.  You just bring in your own alcohol which saved us a TON of money.  They do all the decorating for you which eliminates having to do anything yourself the day of or day before.  They set it all up according to what you plan in your decorating meeting and if you bring in any of your own stuff they will take care of it all as well.  You get assigned a coordinator that takes care of all your meetings and is there the day of the wedding along with a few other helpers.  I was a DIY bride but it was so nice having the day of coordinator to let them take control.

Everyone was amazing to work with and I can honestly say I never had any problems with them.  The venue is just so beautiful on its own anyway, but they do a great job of adding in extra things you didn’t even talk about to make it extra beautiful. 


AZ Celebrity DJ-  We had Joe Matras as our Dj and he was absolutely fantastic!  I cannot begin to express how impressed I was with him.  He is extremely organized and detail oriented.  He definitely knows what he’s talking about and from the moment I met him I knew I could trust his opinions completely and could relax and let him take over.  Our meeting to discuss our selections etc. was a little over 2 hours, but he went over every single detail thoroughly and made an excellent and well thought out timeline.  Our photographer even commented on how well planned the timeline was. 

He moved things along perfectly at the reception while not making it seem rushed. Joe felt out the crowd and made great song selections based on what the energy was at the time.  The dance floor was never empty which I think is the ultimate sign.   He was so polite and had such a great personality that got everyone into it, without being that over-the-top annoying dj I’ve seen at sooo many weddings.  Overall, he was better than I could have ever expected.  If you book him for your event you will be guaranteed a great time!

As for AZ Celebrity DJ itself, I really liked their online form system.  It allows you to continually make changes to your information so you don’t feel pressured to sit and make a bunch of decisions all at once.  It automatically sends any updates to your DJ specifically.


Drew & Megan Photography- (Formerly Drew Anderson Photo) They are a husband and wife team that I was referred to after my original photographer bailed on me.  Poor Megan probably thought I was a lunatic because I asked so many frantic questions since I was in a panic to find a new photographer. haha  I told her my budget and she created a custom package for me that fit.  I was really impressed with how much she explained to me what she thought was important and what I could do without to make my budget work.  She never seemed like she was trying to get more money out of me which made me really happy. 

Taking pictures they were easy to warm up to and they gave really good direction.  They put the entire bridal party at ease and it never felt like a stuffy wedding photoshoot.  I also really enjoyed how excited they got over small details and how genuinely happy they seemed with certain shots.  I haven’t gotten my pictures back yet but I have every confidence that they will be Amazing!  I’ll check back in when we get them! =)


Rev Ron Rizzo -  Rev. Ron was great!  He was always quick to respond  to our emails and kept us up to date on everything.  Even when he had an emergency at home, he made sure he let us know it would be an additional day or 2 before he would get back to us which I really appreciated.  He took very detailed notes in our meeting which translated into a very personalized ceremony.  He lets you completelty build your own ceremony so you get exactly what you want, but he still leaves room for surprise by adding in stories.  The ceremony was not too stiff, he added in humor which all the guests loved and made me and my husband a lot less nervous.  He also has you face all your guests for a substantial period of time during the ceremony which I thought was a great touch and really gave me the opportunity to look around and take it all in.  Rev. Ron also is very considerate in creating shots for the photographer to make their job a little easier.  Before the ceremony he pulls you aside and gives you instructions on what to do to get those shots. 

Countless guests at our wedding told us how much they enjoyed his style and personality.  He was also very affordable which was a big plus!


Heidi’s Events and Catering-   My husband was the one who handled and went to all the meetings with the caterer, but judging from what he told me everything was great.  He met with Heidi herself and she helped us customize a menu.  My husband and I both work in food, so we had a pretty clear picture of what we wanted.  We wanted a Greek theme and gave them a few ideas.  There on the spot she made a proposal that was very very well priced! 

The cocktail hour was great.  Their displays were unique and pretty.  I highly recommend their fried feta cheese and spanakopita!  Yummy!   The dinner was a buffet, but the staff was very helpful to the guests and quick to replenish.  Their servers were also quick to clear tables, which made me happy.  Piles of dirty plates just sitting there is a pet peeve of mine in any kind of food service setting.

The dinner was tasty, my only complaint was the steak kebob needed some seasoning, but it was very tender. Our lemon oregano chicken, rice, and greek salad were perfect!

We had a miscommunication about servers (me and my husband) so he had told Heidi’s we didn’t need any.  When we realized the mistake only a week before the wedding,  they put us at ease and took care of it quickly. 

Re: Vendor Reviews

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    Congratulations! I'm also getting married at Aldea on a Thursday so I'm super happy to hear everything went well.
    Just a question-why did you choose to not use their vendors?
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    Because I make cakes myself and had a good friend who also makes cakes, so we did mine.  I also made all my bouquets by hand out of coffee filters, #1 becuase I wanted to be able to keep them and I love to craft  and #2 it was cheaper.  The Aldea photgrpahes were great, but I got exactly what i wanted through the one I chose and saved money.  Adding up all the costs we paid less picking our own vendors , but I can see how it would be a btter chose for others to stick with theirs.  I just happened to like doing alot myself and it saved us money
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    Ahhh, I see. I'm not crafty at all LOL.
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    Thank you for posting these!  I always love seeing such filled out and thoughtful reviews.

    I'm so happy you got to experience having Joe as your DJ... we used him and I completely agree with your review!  He was amazing at our wedding as well!  =)

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    Syndelin-  I actually found Joe through reading your review =)  That's why I wanted to sort of "pay it forward"  and hope these reviews will help out someone else.
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    In Response to Re: Vendor Reviews:
    Syndelin-  I actually found Joe through reading your review =)  That's why I wanted to sort of "pay it forward"  and hope these reviews will help out someone else.
    Posted by whit6
    Aww, even better!  =)
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