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halls for 20 dollars per person

My friend is looking for something in the NOrtheast Ohio area, Church is in the Cleveland area and want to take pictures at Hinckley Lake... Her budget is 20 dollars person not including alchohal... She found a catorer she likes but cant find a place that will let her bring one in... anyone know of a great reception sight that will work??

Re: halls for 20 dollars per person

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    Well, you can't bring your own food or alcohol here, and it's a little far out from Cleveland and Hinkley, but my hall is under 20 per person! :)

    I'm having my wedding at the German Family Society in Kent/Brimfield. Food per person is 19.99 plus tax and grat, then a full, open, five hour bar package is either 11 or 12 dollars per person. The bar has no gratuity charge also.The banquet manager there is fantastic and they are very flexible there!

    It sounds like you guys are looking for something a little different, but I thought I would share my find with everyone in case someone is looking for a great budget find!

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    Has she tried Ruby's Hall in Grafton yet? I know they let you bring your own caterer and since the location is kinda off the beaten track, prices are more reasonable. Also, she might try the Medina Eagles Hall.

    And, I'm not sure about this one, but Spring Mist Farms' Goodyear Barn in Brunswick Hills might be worth contacting. I don't know if you can bring your own caterer, but it's supposed to be nice and not many people know about it.

    Also, if she'd be willing to use a hall that supplies a caterer, Diamond Event Center and Skyview Lodge in Brunswick, as well as Vell's in Medina are ~$20/pp. Houston Hall in Norton starts at ~$15/pp.

    She can also save money by serving only beer and wine (no liquor) as the alcohol. That's what we did.
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    How may guests?
    Maybe a community center, or Kiwanis, Rotary Club?
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