VENT -- still no pictures

Hello -- sorry, this is a much-needed vent, and it might be kind of long.

Our wedding was on 1/22, and everything turned out beautifully.  Our photographer was so wonderful to work with.  It was a month after the wedding before we received the link to view our pictures online, but that was fine.  She told us it might take that long, and the pictures were lovely.  I sent her a list of the pictures I wanted for the album that she was to order for us (it was part of the package).  Once she sends the album, we would also receive the DVD with all of the photos.  To be honest, I only care about the DVD because then, we'll be able to develop and order more albums, as needed.

It has now been over a month since she ordered the album.  We still have not received anything.  I sent her an email last Thursday to check on the status.  I did not hear from her until this morning (I was going to call her today if I did not receive a response today), and she said that it doesn't normally take that long for the order to arrive.  She will check on it today.

I'm just frustrated because it has been almost 3 months since our wedding.  Our family are all getting impatient for the pictures, and I don't blame them.  I am also irritated that she did not think to check on the status herself prior to my emailing her.  I'm extremely disappointed because prior to this, we have enjoyed working with our photographer very much.  But the lack of professionalism and customer service lately is disheartening.

My final response to her today was for her to go ahead and send us the DVD -- I even offered to go pick it up from her because this tardiness is getting ridiculous.

Am I overreacting?  Is it normal for wedding pictures to take this long?
-- Trang

Re: VENT -- still no pictures

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    My wedding was on 1/16. It took less than 2 weeks to get proofs, about 6 or 7 weeks to get our DVD with pics, and we're still waiting on our album. But it's supposed to be here the first week of May, I think.
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    I don't think you are overreacting.  A wedding is a BIG DEAL to a bride!  In most cases this is the event we spend the most amount of time and money planning.  Try to stay calm and see what happens in the next day or two.  If she said she will get you the DVD see if she does.  Then like you said you can goto Costco, walgreens, Ritz camera or the like to get your pictures printed and you will feel a TON better.  I think once you have the DVD in your hand you will feel the relief.
    Hang in there and rant if needed.  Thats whats great about the knot we are all in the same boat!  

    Im sure it will all work out.   
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    Honestly, it really depends on the photographer...  if you have one that has a family to take care of as well as their business, it will add time.  If you have one that hires out post processing/editing, it will be faster, but sometimes you don't know the quality for sure.

    If they promised that you would have them within a certain time frame, and they go past that, then you have a right to complain.  If you didn't get a time line from them, or ask before hand...  well, you probably should have.

    Albums take a while, almost all the companies that make them take quite a bit of time, and that's after all the designing and approvals and everything before the actual ordering.

    I'd rather my photographer take their time so the pictures are perfect, than for them to rush it and have them back in a few weeks.  Your priorities may be different.
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    I don't know what's "normal" for the time frame. I would probably be anxious and excited to get the DVD too, but like PP said, I would rather my photographer take time to edit and whatnot, than not to. If she said it didn't normally take this long for an order, then she probably should have checked on the status of it before then, I agree w/ that. This is also a really, really busy time for weddings here. I'm not making up excuses for her, but she could be pretty busy and I know more things slip my mind when work gets hectic for me. I've had some of my vendors take a week to email me back right now when they've been able to get back to me within 24 hours in the past, but when I do get to talk to them, they all gave me a heads up that feb-april is a busy time for them. After she gets back to you about when the album should be here, I'd wait until that date, plus a couple days, and if I still didn't have it, I'd send her a quick email asking about it again. The good thing is- you've seen the pictures, and you think they are great! I know too many brides that had to wait months for their pictures and then found out that they were horrible, or worst- ACCIDENTALLY ERASED!
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    Who was your photog if you don't mind me asking?
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    Thank you for all of your inputs.  I received an email from the photographer (her name is Karen Hudak, btw), and she said she'll send out the DVD by tomorrow.  And the album has just been shipped so I should receive it sometime next week.

    I just want to clarify that I really did enjoy working with Karen, both for our engagement photo session and the wedding.  But she specified that we would have everything within a month, so I am very disappointed that when she failed to meet that deadline, she did not follow-up with me.  That being said, I know she did just buy a new house and is extremely busy.  But I don't think that justifies not meeting deadlines.

    My husband and I both get the feeling that she forgot to place the order, but that's just our speculation. :)
    -- Trang
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