Calling all Byron Colby brides!

I'm seriously considering this venue and would love to know your thoughts. 

Was it reasonably priced?  Can I do it for under 10K with about 150 guests (including food and alcohol)?

Anything you didn't like about it?

Anything that you LOVED about it?

Thanks for all of your great info!

Re: Calling all Byron Colby brides!

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    I got married there May 2010.  Here's my review from

    "The barn is beautiful, and a wonderful place to get married (or just have your reception) as long as you're up to the task of coming up with a plan and executing it on the day of. The vendors that work with the barn (Just Press Play, the iPod DJ; O'Tarpey Rentals; Nancy Rolison, the florist, who is Stan's assistant; the Doubletree Hotel, etc.) are great. As long as you're okay with taking on the job, it's a great value for such a beautiful venue.

    In regards to Stan, the coordinator...he knows everything there is to know about the barn, and obviously cares a great deal about preserving its qualities. I did find it annoying that he doesn't do any email, but more or less, he returned phone calls quickly when I left a message (about half the time, he is available and answers the call, though), and during the planning process, he was okay to deal with. Don't be offended if, up until the last 6 weeks before your wedding, he doesn't remember you by name- I think he can only keep track of so much, and prior to those 6 weeks or so, whenever you call him, you're going to have to tell him your name and when your event is. He has a lot of good ideas and for the most part knows what is feasible and not feasible, but don't be afraid to have your own ideas, and as long as it's not destructive to the barn, it's usually okay. I can definitely see where Stan would rub some people the wrong way- he has a very dry sense of humor, and has some strong opinions about how to set up the barn, but I think most of it comes from being so familiar with the barn and from seeing what hasn't worked well with other weddings in the past.

    Do make sure- *double-check* that your date is on his calendar, and that all meeting dates that you set up with Stan or other vendors to meet at the barn are on Stan's calendar, and there's no conflicts. We were scheduled to meet our florist there one weekday evening to go over ideas for floral arrangements. Our florist was Stan's assistant and she set up the with Stan and was told no one was using the barn that evening. We all got there and someone was using it for a fundraising event, so we had to haul all the flower samples back to the florist's house and do the meeting there.

    One thing to make sure of with the barn itself- if you use the loft for guest seating, make sure they've fixed or replaced the shade that was on the window up there. They had one, but it broke and my guests upstairs were very warm, even with the air conditioning on.

    Our only other issue was that it was nearly two weeks after the wedding before Stan deposited the check. You pay a security deposit when you sign the contract to hold the date. Then, I think 10 days before the event, you're supposed to pay the fee. Once that check clears and the event is over and there's no damage or clean-up required at the barn, he sends back your security deposit. It wasn't a big deal, just a little weird since we could have stopped payment on the check and they'd have no real recourse.

    Anyway, to sum up- great place to get married, Stan is okay to work with as long as you follow the rules of the barn, and double-confirm things with him."

    150 people under 10K?  It's probably doable, depending on what your expectations are.  We had 140 people for around 15K and that was with pretty inexpensive food- Smoque BBQ, less than $20/person.  It was buffet style, but we got real dishes and flatware from O'Tarpey.  Our alcohol was just beer and wine.  Our flowers through Nancy Rolison were $1200 (we told her how much we wanted to spend and she showed us what she could do for that price.  I think food and rental stuff was the most expensive.

    Let me know if you want to see pictures or have any other questions- lunacydress [at] gmail [dot] com.
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