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Naperville restaurant for rehearsal dinner

Anyone have any recommendations - looking for a place with a private space/room, reasonably priced. Open to a variety of types of restaurants - Mexican, American Standard, Mongolian, etc. Thanks!
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Re: Naperville restaurant for rehearsal dinner

  • Hmmmm - just remembered that Meson Sebika is five minutes from our chapel. It's one of the first restaurants we went to on a date and we've been back a couple times, we really love it. Could be a little pricey - have to check it out again. Open to other suggestions... :)
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  • Another vote for Meson....so so so good

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  • Mongolian?! Sounds like someone wants BD's :] And I don't blame you. Too bad they don't have a private room. You could check out Francesca's, I almost had my bridal shower there. Also, any of the pizza places like Lou Malnati's or Giordano's should have nice, private rooms.
  • What are BD's?????? And is it catching? LOL
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  • I went to a wedding at Maggiano's out there.

  • I second Meson Sabika. My best friend had her reception there and it was wonderful! They have a bunch of smaller rooms that you may be able to rent out.

    Her rehearsal dinner was at Giordano's in downtown Naperville, and they had a private room in the back. It was a great choice if you'd like the casual atmosphere.
  • Naf Naf (Israeli) catered our rehearsal dinner at our hotel. All our guests were raving about the food (except my husband and IL's but thats kind of their fault).
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  • We just had ours a couple weeks ago at Lou Malnati's. The party room fits about 40 people. We had about 30 at ours and paid about $750, which included their pizza/pasta/salad package plus booze. They also have a cheaper pizza-only package which without alcohol starts at like $8 or $9/person... pretty cheap!
  • We are having our reception at Meson Sabika, and their food is AMAZING. We looked into a bunch of different restaurants in Naperville for the rehearsal, but everything was fairly pricy. We ended up liking Lou Malnati's but they booked up before we could book it, so we decided on the new Aurilio's off of route 59. They have a really nice private room and the price is right! :-)
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  • cschneider16 --any idea how many people the room at Aurelio's holds? I think our group is too big for the private room at Lou Malnati's and we like the idea of a casual rehearsal dinner. Thanks!
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