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Hey everyone! I am looking for some recommendations for a DJ in the Akron area. I am getting married next May and want to start meeting with some. Our budget is around $1000, but getting below that number would be great. I want one who knows how to keep the party going but isn't obnoxious. Any ideas would be great! Thanks!!

Re: DJ recommendations?

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    We are using Dutch Treat DJ's. Tom Clark, aka Dutch is a great guy.  He is a smaller company, so you might got a lot of wow that some other DJ's bring, but he charges about $100.hour and is a very upbeat kind of guy.  Might be worth talking to him.  I am getting married in June, and will be posting reviews on this board after that!  

    Happy Planning
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    Hi! I'm going with The DJ Crew out of Akron. I've met with John, the head guy, and I really liked him. I went to a wedding he worked, and the crowd really seemed to respond to him. I also liked the price: he was very reasonable compared to other big name companies that show up at all the bridal shows. And, he has a referral program. If you book with him and mention my name/ wedding date, he will give us both $50 off. You can then have other people use your name to get even more $50 referrals. (an excellent program for those of us paying for our own weddings!) Happy hunting!
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    Hi! We just got married last Saturday and our DJ was AMAZING and super cheap!!! His name is Anthony Jakabs, his email is [email protected]
    Our wedding was in Canton, but I believe he lives in Akron.
    He is so nice and energetic and let's you play whatever you want or picks the music for you.. whatever you want!! He is great I cannot say enough good things!

    Good Luck :)

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    We will be using Marino Brothers. I've heard nothing but good things about them.
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    I second the DJ Crew!  John is AWESOME!  He really takes care of his brides and will work within your budget!  :)
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    I'm getting married in Canton and using "Get Down Sound" DJ Dan.  He is about $800 I believe, does not charge by the hour and that includes set up as well.  He was the only DJ I met with and felt comfortable immediately.  He did not seem corny, just down to earth.  I'm getting married 5/27/12, so I obviously haven't seen his work, but photographer recommended him. Here's his website:

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    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Hats Off Entertainment because they are the best!  Organized and professional and they definitely keep the party going!!
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