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  We are looking at two venues for our 2011 is between the Hilton Lisle/Naperville and The Lodge(McDonalds) in OakBrook...Has anyone attended weddings at either place? any thoughts?? thank-you!!

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    Ive been to one at the hilton.  I was really nice & the food was great.  Bar left a little to be imagined, but maybe that was their package?  Bride & groom said they were fabulous to work with! (they also had a winter wedding & had a money limit to meet, so they had to have appetizers, choc. fountain to meet it etc.) but it was really nice.  No complaint.

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    I haven't attended a wedding at the Lodge, but I have stayed there and it is lovely.  I think there was a knottie here who had her wedding there.  Sorry, I can't remember who though. 
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    One of my best friends had her wedding at the Lodge and everything about it was great. I would highly recommend it. And I loved the cheeseburgers they brought out latenight!
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    My friend at work is having her reception at the Lodge and she's said great things. Esp about the late night hamburgers and also the deck/patio where they usually have cocktail receptions. I've heard that the landscape is beautiful there!
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    I just went to wedding at the Lodge. The food was delicious, and it was a very pretty venue! We stayed over too, and the hotel was very nice.
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