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Hi guys, hoping some of you might be able to shed some light on good places for a bachelorette party in the NW burbs or even up to Lake Geneva.  My wedding shower is the same day as the bachelorette party so people who were traveling from far away could make both of them.  I actually live in Chicago, but logistically, it is easier to keep things out of the city.  Looking for ideas in Schaumburg maybe, figure that's a good "hub" of entertainment.  We definitely want to have drinks and have a great time, I don't know that a cheesy nightclub is a good idea for our group.  Fun music, dueling piano bar, etc are all ideas, but I was hoping someone might have suggestions!Right now we're researching boats in Lake Geneva to see if we can kick the night off on one of their cruises or a charter, and then move on from there.  We'll be crashing at my friends townhouse afterwards, so hotels aren't an issue.Thoughts?

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    Can I come party with you guys? =0) I'm of no help...but I wish my bridal party could read your suggestions.  I told them no strippers...but they're not listening.  I think mine will be in the I wanted to do dinner and drinks...maybe even a night at the Kit Kat Club/Lounge...whatever it's called. I'm interested to see everyone's advice...even if it's not for a bachelorette party..I'm always looking for new and fun things to do. Sorry I wasn't helping you out as much!
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    Ideally, I'd love to be in Chicago, so many options (Baton Club is another idea for you, I have been there, though it was okay.....I have heard Kit Kat Club is better), however Chicago just isn't really a feasible option for us.Dueling piano bars that I can find are just in the city.  There is a comedy club or two in Schaumburg, so that's an idea too I guess.  I just thought it'd be easier staying north of that where the shower will be held, but Schaumburg is literally the only thing semi-close to where we are, except for Lake Geneva.   I know there are bars in LG that could be options, but I don't know that they are the greatest of places either...It's hard because my bridesmaids planned this morning bachelorette party (I am clueless as to what it is) and they were limited in the number of people that could do it.  So there are like 8 of us total that are doing this morning thing, then we move onto the bridal shower in the late afternoon/early evening....and then move onto part 2 of the bachelorette party for those who come to the shower and then can go drinking with us.  My bridesmaids apparently did not foresee having a part 2 because there was a misconception as to who would be invited to my bachelorette party, so now they are scrambling for ideas and asking me for help.
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    I just went to Pinstripes in South Barrington at that new Aroboretum mall just off of I90 and Rt.59.  They have bowling, a nice bar, indoor and outdoor bocce ball, a huge fire pit outside, live band on weekends (blues when we were there), and a restaurant.  We had a lot of fun and there was a bachelorette party there. The comedy club in Woodfield mall is really nice, but I don't know where you'd go afterwards.  You'd have to limo it somewhere else afterwards.  Maybe Chicago Prime Steakhouse.  They have live music in their lounge
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    We're going to Pinstripes this weekend as part of my bachelorette party! We had originally planned for Lake Geneva, but it was way too expensive for us. I have heard great things about the comedy club in Schaumburg as well. There are tons of restaurants and bars in the Schaumburg area to visit as well. We aren't doing the bar scene because we have a couple underage girls in our group. We are going to a Schaumburg Flyers baseball game, out to dinner, and then over to Pinstripes. I'm super excited!!
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    I just went to a BP in Fox Lake. It was really fun, the only downer was the boat issue. Bridal party opted for a shuttle boat that took us to various bars in Fox Lake. It sounded like a good idea, but there was no real organization on the Captain's side. Since none of us really knew the area all that well ladies in our group were asking the Captain where we should go. We spent most of the day traveling on a huge pontoon boat and it took a long time, kind of a buzz kill. So, my suggestion would be if you do a booze cruise bar hopping, plan ahead if the itinerary isn't already planned. Despite the minor time zapper, the girls had a really fun time. I think no matter what you plan to do the BP will rock!
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