Engagement Pictures: Hair and Make-Up?

A few questions:For those of you who are done with your engagment pictures, did you get your hair and make-up done?  If you didn't, do you wish you did?  If you did, who did you use?  Did you use who you were going to use as the day of as a trial, or someone else?  We are getting our pictures done in a few weeks...Thanks, girls!

Re: Engagement Pictures: Hair and Make-Up?

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    I had my makeup done b Sonia Roselli as part of my trial. I'm glad I had it done because I don't like doing my own makeup for events.
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    Yup - I actually needed a haircut and went to Salon Buzz for a cut and style.  For makeup, I used Sonia Roselli.  It was part of the package I had with her.
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     I just saw someone posted about Salon Buzz! They are pricier, but I go to Angel in the River North neighberhood, and he is great!  I'm also hoping to get my make-up done with Sonia Roselli.  I'm budgeting pretty well with everything, but I decided I would treat myself with make-up & hair.  Also, I would suggest some of the MAC makeup stores, however, definitely do a trial because I've seen it done AWESOME on my sis, but not so much on me.
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