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Has anyone used them. They got good reviews on

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    We met with them, but in the end did not go with them. FI and I thought they were a little too salesy and pushy, but I have heard a lot of people with good reviews.
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    I am using them for my wedding! I don't have any photos to show for it yet, but I will soon and am really excited!!!! I have loved working with everyone so far and my coordinator always gets back to me so fast. I would definitely recommend!! Good luck!
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    We're using them on the recommendation of one of my friends.  I just saw her photo album, and it's amazing!  It's just like those portfolio books that the show you when you meet with them.  We also had our engagement session a while ago, and they turned out great too!  The only thing that I didn't like is that with the engagement photos, you have to wait til you get your wedding pics to get the e-pics.  We wanted to use a couple for our save the dates.  I asked our contact if we could have a couple of them early, and it was no problem.  They're really friendly, and I have heard nothing but good things about them.  Good luck!
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    We booked with them too. We went to their Schaumburg location. The girl that we met with was really cool and we had the total opposite experience as pp. We picked out photog based out of that office. We had our engagement photos and we really liked them. The biggest reason we went with GSP was b/c they fit in our budget.
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    I used them for my 5/30 wedding.  I'd probably rank them 9 out of 10.  The photographer we worked with (David) was wonderful.  The service was good.  Our original photographer actually broke his leg 2 days before our wedding so David was a stand in.  The office was really responsive and they found a fantastic substitute (the benefit of going with a group of photographers rather than just one).   The reason they don't get the full 10 is sort of intangible.  I sent the photographer a bunch of shots I loved before the wedding and not only did I not end up with a lot of those shots but I didn't end up with shots that had a similar feel either.  Now that might be because he didn't have much time to prep, not sure.  What he did come up with was pretty solid though.  OK enough rambling here's what you really want.  If you look on our website under the wedding tab on the left you can see the final product.  Let me know if you have any questions.  luppi dot wedding at gmail dot com
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    atrahey,It says you need an event code to view your pics. Can you share it so we can view george streets work?Thanks!
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    atrahey- Can I have the event code for your pics?  I think David is our photographer for our 5/8/10 wedding and I would really like to see his work.  Thank you!  alisondan10 at gmail dot com
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