Need alterations ASAP in Chicago!

My mom picked up my bridesmaid dress for my friend's wedding this Saturday.  Everything seemed fine the first and second fitting, and I couldn't pick it up over the weekend when it was finished.  I don't know what she did to the back of the dress, but it looks so crappy!  Does anyone know who I can go to for short notice!?  I hope it's not too's Watters #2761...think it's possible?!

Re: Need alterations ASAP in Chicago!

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    My friend just gave me the phone number of the seamstress that she used for her wedding dress.  email me at mkd0123 at gmail dot com, and I can give you her number.  Apparently she does really great work, and only charges $20 per hour.
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    la modista on clybourn will probably be able to fix it
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    My coworker just said she has used la modista and had a experience so it seems like they are good. best of luck
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