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Sorry for the sudden onset of invite questions...should probably just try to ask them all in one post, but I know I will forget something if I wait. When assembling the invites, does the response card go in its envelope already (unsealed of course)? Thanks, Val
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Re: Response card

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    Not sure what the correct way to do this is, but we did not place the response card in its envelope. Instead we tucked it in the envelope with the text readable. Hope that helps!
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    Hi there! Yeah, I'm not sure what's proper but we also tucked it infront of the envelope!
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    No, it should be tucked. If you google this, you will get an idea of the correct order.
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    We had a folded card.  I inserted 1/2 of the card so the part with the writing was sticking out.  Does that make sense?  I also have a tip for you.  I coded all of them.  So we had 3 lists.  Brides, Grooms, and Friends.  The first person on the brides list was coded B1.  The grooms list, G1.  etc.  This way we knew who sent back when they forgot to write in their name.  Believe me, it happens!  Just write it in a discrete place...
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