I'm a Mrs.!!!!!! (pics and vendor reviews)

DH and I had the best time of our lives on Saturday! I just wanted to stop in and thank you all for your help during these past 2 years of planning :)  Here are our teasers from our photographer's blog and a couple quick reviews: Danielle Aquiline A+++++++ and more  Danielle was so amazing! She was on time, friendly, and generally AWESOME! We love the teasers so far and can't wait for the rest of our photos.  She was affordable and AMAZINGReception: White Pines Golf Club, Bensenville- A+++ Everything here was amazing too- I left tons of items for them o set up and it was simply gorgeous!! The waitstaff was amazing, and the coordinator Dee was great that day as well.DJ and photobooth: A+++ Can you tell from all the A+ that we had an amazing day? haha!  Again, we got soooo many compliments on the DJ and Photobooth.  Mike at MDM is friendly and helpful and can keep everyone dancing all night long! And guests raved about the photobooth ALL NIGHT LONG.  Our best splurge M&M Limo: B  Our limo driver was very sweet and helpful and arrived on time which is why they get a B.  However, she got lost on the way to the church AND the receptions.  We lost about 15 minutes of time at the reception driving around. DH had to tell her how to get there.  But she was nice, and even over heard us talking about calling a taxi company for that night, and called for us.The Chair Couture: A+++ These ladies are so nice!  The linens we gorgeous and they even threw in a little bonus for us and swagged our sweetheart table.  Affordable and amazingAlterations by Sue in Naperville:  A-  She is the friendliest and sweetest little lady!!!! My dress turned out beautifully and she went out of her way to make it so.   Highly recommend her!!!! The minus is just because I felt my dress wasn't quite pressed enough, still a little wrinkly.  But over all, very good expirienceHotelblock: Intercontinental Ohare: B-  The place is gorgeous, but guests had a very hard time with the parking.  There was supposed to be a block rate of $11 with in and out privleges but some people were given a hard time about it.  Also, we had welcome bags for the guests, and half of them weren't handed out at check in.  We had to tell them to go down and ask for it.  They still get a B because our suite was perfect and our block coordinator Jenna was amazingly helpfulFlorist:  Vale-of-Enna  A+  Grace was amazing, the flowers were perfect and she was so nice and easy to work with. Again, very affordable.  Highly recommended Inoccenti strings:  A  We had a trio. They did our ceremony music and it was great!  Beautiful job

Re: I'm a Mrs.!!!!!! (pics and vendor reviews)

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    I'm always glad to hear such a great review about Danielle as we're using her for our August 2010 wedding!! The pictures look great! and I absolutely love your flowers, they were so vibrant and really stood out!! Congrats!!
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    Beautiful photos! It's great that your day went so smoothly! The colors of your flowers are awesome.
    7/10/10 imageDandy
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    All the photos are lovely! Congratulations and I'm glad to hear that you had a perfect day!
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    Congratulations!!!  So glad everything went amazing!
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    Your day was AMAZING!!!!  I can't believe you're posting your reviews on your honeymoon-get back to MAUI!  TK can wait!  Miss you!!

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