PSA-A good deal!

I got an email last week about a bridal store in Westlake that is going out of business and all of their items are 50%.  I still hadn't gotten my veil, tiera, jewelry, etc. yet so I decided to go this weekend. Their inventory is still pretty reasonably stocked.  I had found a tiera that was similiar to one I liked at Catan's and it was half off.  I also ended up buying my jewelry.

If you are looking for a deal, you might want to go.  It is called A Bride's Design in Westlake.  I don't remember the exact address (I am not a West Sider) but I would recommend it.
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Re: PSA-A good deal!

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    I bought my veil there on Friday night!   I love it!   There was a headband I liked- and I kinda wish I bought it (but it didn't look right with the veil).
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    Owner is having her friends post "nice reviews" and having them claim that they're not the vendor.............no, just her friends.
    I had an extremely horrible experience and WOULD NOT RECOMMEND dealing with them regardless of ANY sale.  I'm still going round and round from a dress ordered July 2009 that they completely messed up and left me wearing a snagged, filthy, UNALTERED sample dress just to have ANYTHING to wear for my wedding.

    Consider yourself forewarned!
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