We went with Dominos bakery. Sorry it wasn't in there. The cake was included. Chateau gave us a book to look at, but I wanted something a little more specific so I contacted Dominos myself and went over there for a tasting. They were very nice at the bakery, but Ari from the Chateau told me that they don't generally like clients whose cakes are included coming there. I didn't sense any negativity from them when I went. So, if you go with them, I suggest you call them and schedule a tasting, you don't even have to tell them you are from Chateau Ritz, you could just go in and pretend you are a regular bride checking them out for a tasting. Dominos pastries on 1745 N. Harlem Ave. Chicago, IL. Dominos has these selections: Chocolate or vanila cake. Vanilla or chocolate custard or creme filling. Strawberry layer or not. That's pretty much it. The Custard or creme can have flavor added though. So, if you want hazlenut or lemon or something they can add the flavor to it. I didn't have any of the wedding cake, and can't remember what flavors we picked. I know its not a huge selection, but the cake really didn't matter much to us, and it was free, so we went with it. Also, like I said in the review, Chateau does what they do. Not because they ignore you I think, but just because it is mechanical, they have been doing things a certain way for many years. If you want something different, be sure to really really really let them know. I told them I wanted the cake served. When I went back and recomfirmed the details I told them again. They didn't, they put it out for the guests to take as they left, and it wasn't in a box or anything, it was just half way wrapped in baking paper. I didn't notice till it was too late. Not like its a big deal. It really wasn't. But, just so you know. If you want something different, double double tell them.

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    Thanks for all the helpful info!  I'm glad to know there is another Knottie who used them as well since they don't get mentioned on the board at all.  Thanks for the heads up about the cake!  I guess I just assumed that it would be served so I will definitely talk to them about that down the road.  I agree with you, I don't think they ignore the bride's request, but just rather they have a certain formula of doing things.  I am still so excited to be having it there because I'd say they were the most sincere out of all the places I looked at and not pushy at all! Oh, also glad to see the review about Sonia and Toast & Jam since I will be using them, too!  Also, did you have any problems with the shuttle from Chateau to the hotel?  Did your guests stay at any other places?  Again, thanks for all your help!
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    Dan and I went to look at a lot of places around the area. We were living in Des Plaines at the time, and our church is saint paul so we looked at fountain blue and cafe la cave etc. They were so snotty for no reason. And the min being 18 grand. I was like screw that. NOT a chance was that going to happen. One of the jerks we spoke to, I asked if we could get our own linens from our own company, and he was like, if you bring in some mom and pop company and they take longer then we give them to set up, then your chairs will only be partially covered. I was like I DON'T THINK SO BUDDY. So, I agree, the feeling of the people at Chateau is incredible. They are really warm and interested. We loved working with them. We would not change a thing. The only problem with the shuttle (windy city) was in the review. They stopped at the 711 and we were stuck there for a long time after the reception ended. The hotel shuttle took the bridal parties to the church, but the windy city limo took the guests to the church, returned them to the hotel, came back picked the bridal party up at the chruch, took us to pictures, then to a bar, picked our guests up from he hotel, took them to the reception, picked us up at the bar, took us to the reception and then shuttled guests back to the hotel all night. IT WAS VERY COMPLICATED, and to do it again, I would either skip the shuttle for the guests or have gotten two different limos. We had to cut our picture time down, and it was actually a rather large headache. We only used the Wyndham. We really loved them the day of the wedding. We had guests of all different budgets and they all stayed there. If guests could not afford the hotel they likely could not afford the trip in. If guests wanted a nicer hotel, then they probaby wouldn't mind paying for a cab. The only thing is, if you stay there too guests wll find you, and will likely bother you, like obnoxious Uncle Ralph who likes to get wasted by noon. You are going to be SOOO happy with Sonia and Toast and Jam.
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