Happy Buddy PhotoArt?

Hello all! Has anyone out there used Happy Buddy PhotoArt for their wedding? We met with them last week, and are very impressed with their work, but I'd like to get some reviews from people who have worked with them before we sign a contract and send a deposit. I tried searching the boards, but nothing came up. Thanks for your input!

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    My FI and I also met with them and loved there work. This is the only knottie review I've found. Best Photographer EVER!! From: missmegan00 Date: 10/12/2009 at 5:24 PM I found Happy Buddy Photo on the Knot so I figured it just wouldn't be right if I didn't come back and pass the favor along to you all and give a rave review!First of all, they are super affordable! Second, they are so accommodating. They traveled all the way from the west suburbs to the south side to meet me for my first free consultation. They are professional and do superb work!On our wedding day they were so discrete! They did not disrupt the flow of the day and were hardly noticeable.. and yet they managed to take all of the shots that we wanted. The quality of our wedding pictures is unbelievable!! They look like they were taken out of a magazine. When I figure out how to post pictures on here I will. But in the mean time, search me on facebook "megan foucher" and you will see my main profile picture with is a sample of the work that they did for us! Is the picture of my husband and I standing in front of lake michigan with a huge wave behind us.We couldn't have been happier and I highly recommend them!!
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