Vedor Review - Office Max Medina - Printing/cutting invites

Ladies - I desinged my own invitations.  I took them up to Office Max in Medina - explained all of the details - and wrote them out.  I picked them up the other day - and I was VERY disappointed with the finishing product.  While I was still at the store I went through everything to make sure it was right.  The directions card and response card were to e the same size 4X6 - and I don't think any two are the same size.  I had to give them numerous stacks - to re cut, as  they weren't going to fit in the envelope. Also when they printed the material/cut - many were not centered, cut straight and some had smudges on them.
  I shared my frustration with management and all I received was - sorry.
I will NEVER go back there for any type of printing job and do not recommend anyone else to.

Re: Vedor Review - Office Max Medina - Printing/cutting invites

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