Your envelope/holder for an STD magnet?

Hi!I'm looking for ideas to hold/place my save-the-date magnet for guests, can you post a pic of yours or include link to photo?I'd like some kind of cute envelope holder (ribbon, other embellishment?) to put my magnet inside, but I'm not the most creative in thinking up ideas.Thanks! :)

Re: Your envelope/holder for an STD magnet?

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    I used those little glue dots (zots i thinK?) to glue them to a decorated piece of cardstock. I don't think I have a picture anywhere I can access at work... but it was cute!
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    I used for my STD magnet and loved them. I bought the matching card that the magnet slid into like a business card. And on the back of the card I put more info like the place and our website. The one problem I had though was that most people didn't turn the magnet card around so they missed the extra information. I would suggest that if you are adding information on the card put the information side on the card towards the opening of the envelope. This way when your guest open the envelope they will see the information first and the magnet second.
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