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Hello Knotties-I actually got married Sept 5, but I am trying to help a friend whose wedding I am standing up in.  We are trying to find a trolley or some type of shuttle that would pick us up from a location near Portage Park and drop us off in Wrigleyville.  Then we would like to be picked up from Wrigleyville and taken back to where we started like 5 hours later.  So, basically I'm looking for 2 hours, but not consecutive.  Has anyone found a place that would do something like this?

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    I don't, but my friend recently had a bachelorette party and we got a limo. i didn't think it would matter, but was THE best part of the night hands down! we actually skipped a few bars we had planned and opted to just party/ drink in the limo driving around instead! None of us wanted to leave it! I was anti-limo before her party, but because i had so much fun i'm going to try and get one for mine. Just a thought ;)
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    Check out Daly Limo. We used them for a night out and they gave us point to point service.
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