We are thinking about having our wedding reception at Kalahari, and I was wondering if anyone had any input about receptions held there? Any information would be great.


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    I went a wedding reception at Kalahari about 1.5 years ago. It was fabulous. The food was good, plenty of room  in the area where the reception is held, and very convenient for guests, We stayed the night and the rooms were very nice. Also the next day we were able to go to the water park all day. I think if you stay the night in the hotel the water park the next day is included in the price per room. In general, Kalahari was gorgeous and it was a wonderful wedding. Good Luck!
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    Actually I had a very bad experience here for my senior prom. The room was freezing, the food was terrible and the sound system kept breaking down.

    They actually refunded everyone their money it was so bad.

    BUT it was when they first added the meeting/reception rooms and hadn't gotten all the kinks out. They may be better now.
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