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I was wondering if anyone has had their wedding or been to a wedding at the Stadium Club at Wrigley Field?  Ever since my fiance heard that that is an option, that is where he wants our wedding!  I'm not completely against it since all of my guests will be visitors to the city (most of them, their first visit!) and I think it would be a neat venue, but I can't find much online about having your wedding there.  I have found a few pictures and a little bit of info on the capacities, but not much else.  Does anyone have any idea on cost or any other helpful info? 

Thanks so much in advance!

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    From what I have heard, you have to use their list of approved vendors which gets expensive!!! And, there would be no room for negotiation since it is a set contract. Just email them and I'm sure they have info they can send for you. 
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    We contacted them about doing our RHD there.  I think the pp is right about cost/vendors.  Plus, if I remember correctly, it holds less than 150.  Although I could be wrong.  I'd email/call for details.

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    Yah, we looked into US Cellular for ours, but it got pricey really quickly and like PP said, it only held a certain amount of people and our guest list was way bigger and didn't want to chance it. I think that'd be a great option for out of town guests, if you can afford it and don't invite more than they can hold. I would just sgst calling their customer sevice line and asking to be directed to their events manager? That's how I got the US Cellular info.
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    We wanted to get married at Wrigley too but it's really expensive! I think the starting package was 25,000 and that is just to rent it out, you still have to get food, flowers, linens, etc..
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    Seated capacity is only 150 so  we didn't get much further into research. But you do have to use Levy as your food service. No outside caterers allowed. We really wanted to be at one location and there just isn't room to do both a ceremony and reception for a large amount of guests.
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