Married in the Dark

This is what our videographer is calling our wedding day! We got married on June 18th and it will definitely be memorable for everyone in attendance. The forecast all week called for rain and finally on the day of, it called for sunny skies and rain at 4:00 which allowed us to take pics before hand like we wanted. We had a beautiful day at the park and then the weather started! You can see it all in the video trailer here...
I can't rave enough about my vendors! They were faced with some tough obstacles - no lights, no electricity, no air, no music! Eventually, everything worked out. When I got to church and the weather started, I called the reception place (Alpine Banquets) and they had half power. Then I called our DJ (Corey from One Stop DJs) to give him  a heads up. When we arrived at Alpine (after getting stuck at traffic lights that were out), everyone seemed to be doing great, despite tea lights in the bathroom since there were no working lights! We had electricity for the introductions but then everything (fans and all) shut off during the best man's toast. Fortunately the toasters were able to talk loud enough for everyone to hear and dinner started to get served. I felt bad for my sister who made us a video montage...she was really hoping that we would be able to see it since she worked so hard on it. But then, POWER! It came on during soup or salad - can't remember which one and the rest of the night was even better! We watched the video montage and it rocked! ( We had so many compliments about our candlelight ceremony, candy buffet, awesome music and dancing, and so much more! What a great night and I couldn't believe after everything that happened, how many people stayed until 12:00! Most weddings I've been so, people start leaving around 10:30 or so, but there were all ages until 12:00!!
People were saying how calm and collected we were about everything, but really - what can you do? We just went with the flow and enjoyed every bit of it! 

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