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Hair Trial help please!!

My hair and makeup trials are on Saturday morning before my shower. I am excited and confident about my makeup trial - I pretty much know what I want (a purple smokey eye, a flushed cheek, a pretty coordinating lip). 

But my hair is a WHOLE. OTHER. STORY.

I don't think that ANY of the styles I really like will work with a veil. I love volume and pouffiness....here are a few of my favorites
loose bun
Pinned Image

As you will see, these all have a lot of volume at the back/top of the head...right where my veil will be going. I really don't like a lot of the styles that go down lower on the head.....I am afraid I need to do something more like this (but I do not like it as well):

veil + hair

What do you guys like?? what do you think?? Any other hair suggestions?? I have a lot of hair, my hair is REALLY long (like 8 inches above my butt), but the hair that I have is very fine, so I am also worried about my hair not filling out any of these styles that I am picking.

thanks for the help ladies!! oh, and for the record, I have an ivory flower fascinator that I may or may not wear under my veil for the ceremony, but am definitely wearing for the reception once my veil comes off. oh and my veil is cathedral length. Thanks!!!!

Re: Hair Trial help please!!

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    Trials are SO MUCH FUN!

    I just had my hair trial last night, and I was worried about the exact same thing you are.

    I brought in a bunch of pictures (similar to yours, actually) and she said she'll kind of blend them together based on what my hair will do.  My hair ended up looking close to the first one you posted and the veil fit perfectly right at the top of the updo, right below the "poof."

    My advice, tell your stylist what you like and let her do her magic.  If you don't like it, you can alter it, that's all.
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    you are so wise/helpful!! I am so glad your veil worked out even with some poof. I can't imagine not having pouffiness/drama in my hair the day of my wedding, even though I will be sticking a veil in t, haha.

    Do you have a picture of your finished product?? I would love to see it slash maybe use it as inspiration since it sounds like it is exactly my style!
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    I love these styles and I have very simalar ones as you and I also have the same issue as you.. pretty long hair but also thin. 

    What if you pinned your veil underthe bun?  That was the direction I was going to try.  I also have my hair trial on Saturday!
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    My hairdresser took professional photos but she hasn't sent them yet so all I have is a crappy iPhone pic with my beautiful shower curtain.

    She said it won't look as "messy" the day of since she'll have more time to make the curls look smoother.  I didn't like the way it looked when she put the veil on the bottom... but that's just me.  I'll also have a hair flower (if I ever find one I really like....)
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    I love the styles you chose.  I would just bring lots of inspiration pics with you and trust your stylist, but if you don't like something, now is the time to speak up and let her know so things go smoothly on your wedding day.
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    FWIW, I don't like the look of the veil below. Do you have a blusher? If so, you can't really put the veil below, right?
    I had some volume on top of my hair during my trial and seriously, my veil fit below the volume, above the style, totally fine. And it looked really good when I put the blusher down, too.

    You've seen my pics from my hair trial, but let me know if you want me to post again. It's more messy/complicated than I think you want though.
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    bridetobe I agree - I think it always looks a bit off when the veil is below the style. I LOVED your style, but I think I want something a little more simple. I might take a picture of yours just to show the type of volume that I want!! (I commented on a few of your pinterest pics by the way haha)
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