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Bachelorette Party Ideas

My sister wants to know what I would like to do for my bachelorette party - and I have no clue what to tell her.  Can you guys recommend anything for me?  I am pretty open - I would like to have a drinking/dancing element to it. 

Re: Bachelorette Party Ideas

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    Everyone is so incredibly different in terms of what they consider fun.  Where you want to go in terms of towns, how much you want to spend, whether it is a one night event or a weekend extravaganza....the options are ridiculously endless and diverse.

    Parties I am familiar with incorporated drag shows ala the Kit Kat Club, and the Sugar Shack, both of which were fun for that particular group of girls.  Someone else had a Flirty Girl party and had lots of fun, too.  

    Perhaps if you could give an idea of what you are looking for in terms of cost, area, and number of people in your party, posters could offer some specific suggestions.  Otherwise, the above links may help you brainstorm.
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT GO TO HOWL AT THE MOON! crazy cover charge, there are 10 other brides there, and everyone is just sloppy drunk. Of all the places we went that night, that was my least favorite. We were having a blast on the rooftop, but it started raining, so we had to go inside, which was not as fun. A co-worker went to paris club, but she said it wasn't fun. Plus to get a table at any of those places is ridiculous. Some were like $250 for a bottle of vodka, others were $100/person, and one place was a $1,000 MINIMUM. 

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  • For mine we went bowling, had dinner, went to the baton (drag show...totally fun!), and then walked to Hang Ups (I think that's what it was called....it's a bar downtown w/dancing). The Apartment in Lincoln Park is always a fun time too. Eating somewhere like the Melting Pot would be fun but I've never been so I can't say for sure. I know other people who have done like a weekend getaway somewhere like Lake Geneva. Like PP said, it's really all about what you find fun. GL!
  • KatWAGKatWAG Chicago member
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    Ditto to PP. Do not go to Howl at the Moon. I recently went to Bottles and Bottega on a friday night where you can paint a naked guy. Its BYOB and it was so fun and awkward. then there are plenty of great places around to go out to dinner and dance. I am happy to recommend so places that arent as divey/ full of Depaul student as the Apartment and not as expensive as Paris Club. PPs have mentioned both extremes.
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  • I'm not 100% sure what we're doing for mine, but I think it involves dinner and karaoke at Lincoln karaoke where each group has their own room.
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  • We are renting a house in michigan friday to sunday and doing the wine tours.. rented tranaportation that actually tours the wineries.... wine, friends, mini get a way. :
  • I planned serverall Chi parties this past summer. here are a few ideas:
    go to Arlington racetrack. dress up like it' s the derby. they have packages varying in price, but  ours was about $60 for lunch and open bar. super fun!
    take a cake decorating class at give me some sugar. they do private classes or you can just register everyone online early. byob and they are great
     do a personal wine tasting. there are tons of groupons for this, and they are so fun.

    good places for dancing:
    beauty bar(but look online first, sometimes they have special events needing fix)
    hange uppe

    baton club is fun, but cliche
  • Do not go to Sugar Shack unless you want to see male junk flailing around. ... yeah we all loved Magic Mike... but junk is better covered up in my opinion... its just the ripply muscles we want to see lol
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