Honeymoon Help!

Hi ladies!

I've been an old married lady for almost 4 months now! I used the boards quite a bit and I'm so excited (and a little jealous) of all you girls in the middle of planning. Such a fun time.

Anyways! The hubster and I are finally going to take our honeymoon. YAY! I need recommendations for TA's in the Chicago area to help with a European trip.

Please send your suggestions! I want to bring in the pros for this.

Thank You!


Re: Honeymoon Help!

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    Well, I wouldn't consider Frankfort the "Chicago area" but I've been using Lincoln Travel for YEARS and love them!  I started with Joan when I was living in the south burbs and even now that I live near O'Hare I still use them because they're wonderful.  They're also willing to do everything via phone, fax, snail mail, etc so I don't ever have to go down to Frankfort when I plan a trip.  GL!
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    We just booked our honeymoon to Hawaii...dreaming I could leave tomorrow!  Anyways we are using Nita from Carey Travel.  Again pretty far out...but I just do everything over the phone and fax as well.  They are very knowledgable and have helped us tons!
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    A lot of knotties use Alison at CRC Travel which is in downtown
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