Are most of you walking down the aisle to Here Comes the Bride or are you walking down the aisle to another song?  How do people know when to stand up if you aren't walking down the aisle to Here Comes the Bride?  I've been going back and worth about this.


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    I'm not doing Here Comes the Bride.  I'm playing Ave Maria by Josh Groban. And its long enough I'm having parents and the bridesmaids walk down to it as well.  I am going to have our priest signal to the crowd (raising hands or saying please rise) when its time.  
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    You could have the priest signal as PP said, or you could just have a different song for you. People will know that once the BP is at the altar and the music changes, that you're coming next!  
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    Yeah, people will know to stand up once the bridal party is done walking down the aisle and their music finishes out and a new song starts. And most Catholic churches do not allow "Here Comes the Bride" so I had to pick something else. 

    I am walking down the aisle to Te Deum by Charpentier. I wanted something upbeat and loud! 

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    My bridal party is walking down the aisle to Canon on D (Pachelbel) and I am walking down the aisle to Trumpet in D..pretty traditional, but I like it :)Smile

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    People know when to rise.  When they see the BP at the front and you at the top of the aisle, they'll get up.

    Personally, I don't care for the Wagner ("Here Comes the Bride").  I don't think it's a particulaly beautiful piece of music for a processional-- just an oft-used one.  As others have said, most Catholic churches discourage its use (they view it as secular, not sacred, music as it's from a Wagner opera).  The Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) has issues with the paganism in Wagner's operas (and they were anti-theater in general well into the early 20th century), and Wagner was also known to be an anti-semite (so it's not a big hit in the Jewish community).

    I used Canon for the BP and Clarke's Trumpet Voluntary for me. (-:
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    BP walked to Pachelbel's Canon in D,  then the harp player changed to Trumpet Voluntary for me (like Princess Diana...tee hee).
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