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Ladies, no joke, my handwriting is AWFUL! I'm dreading addressing my invites. 

I looked into hiring a calligrapher, but it is just too expensive. So I've been looking around and watching YouTube videos on DIY calligraphy. Do any of you have any experience with the pens you can buy at Michael's/Hobby Lobby? They are fairly inexpensive, and as I understand it, you just write like usual (print) and hold the pen a certain way and it makes the letters pretty for you. =D
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Re: Calligraphy?

  • I'm doing labels! I bought BRIDES invitation kits and labels were included. But, I don't care about all of the handwriting vs. labels vs. calligraphy etiquette. But I wish you luck!
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  • My MOH and I are handwriting the addresses.  Both of us have pretty decent handwriting, but neither of know calligraphy.

    I thought about learning how from Youtube too, but I just don't think it's gonna happen.  I did try to use a pen from Michaels, but I think I'm retarded or something because what I wrote didn't look like calligraphy at all! 

    My aunt was originally going to help with calligraphy, because she's really, really good at it, but she's going to be in California with her MIL who is dying, and we don't know when she'll be coming home (could be February before she's back).
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  • My handwriting is "ok" but after addressing many invitations, I can only imagine how horrible it will be. Fortunately, our invitations aren't SUPER thick so we can print how we want the addresses to look like on a plain sheet of paper and slip it inside the envelope for me to trace. It'll be a bit of a headache, but at least it won't look like a 4th grader did them Embarassed
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    If you can, run it through the printer with a nice font and print in a really light grey then trace them. It will still look like calligraphy but defintiely handwritten. You'll look like a pro!!
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  • c_meahan might have had a good suggestion if you're trying to do it yourself but you're worried you'll be all thumbs.

    I took a calligraphy class back in high school so if they have a class through your parks and recreation or Michael's/arts and crafts store it might be worth taking so they will show you how to hold the pen and form the letters.  But basically that's the only trick to is to hold the pen at a 45 degree angle so when you write an "x" the stroke going from upper left to lower right will be broad and the other stroke will be narrow.

    I have used calligraphy pens from Michaels' to address wedding invitations for several friends and they worked fine and my friends were thrilled with it.  I used the kind that you refill with a cartridge rather than the magic marker type.
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  • I have good handwriting but when I started doing them I just thought it looked silly. So I went on a crazy hunt for a calligrapher and found one recommended on the nj knot board who you can mail it to. She's doing 92 envelopes for 67 bucks - which I thought was worth the time it will save me - her email is [email protected] if you're at all interested.
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  • Thanks for all the replies ladies! I'm not planning to do anything too crazy or scriptive, but just something nicer than my usual chickenscratch! I think I'll go check out the pens at Hobby Lobby this afternoon.

    c_meahan, that is an awesome suggestion, but I'm not good with that kind of stuff and my printer hates me. Lining it all up right and everything is super complicated to me, even though I know plenty of people do it. I know I could practice on the sample blank envelopes, which I may still try, but I know I'd probably throw the thing out the window before it was all said and done. 

    Angee, I'm worried about my hand getting tired and thus the poor quality of penmanship becoming even worse, if that's possible, so my plan is to only do about 5 or so a day. Whenever my hand hurts and I feel myself getting sloppy, I'll stop. In order to do this and not feel rushed, I plan on starting next week! 

    So I think I'll go buy the pen, practice, and see how that works. If that doesn't go well, I may try the computer method of printing lightly and then going over it with pen. 
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  • I bought a pen on Amazon that came with a whole bunch of colors. I practiced a big with one of the colors I know I won't use. It took a long time for the ink to come down. You had to hold it at a 45 degree angle. It wasn't the most comfortable after a while, but doable. It took me a lot of practice to get it anywhere near decent. That was 2 months ago. Now I'll probably have to start all over again!!
  • I know it sounds crazy, but do you know anyone who does tattoos or knows a tattoo artist?  The lady that did one of my tattoos said it's pretty similiar to what they do.

    Ditto c_meahan, that's a really good idea!

  • Quiggels, I'm also using Dani...no one can beat her prices.  I should be getting my envelopes within 2 weeks so I can give a review after but so far she has been so good with replying my emails.

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