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I was wondering if anyone has used them lately?  I didn't see too many recent reviews on Yelp or  Those on there were quite good, but I just wanted to see if it still holds true or have they slipped at all?  Thank you in advance!

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    I used them for my September wedding and we *really* liked them. They did an excellent job. The floor was packed to the end of the night, and it was a Sunday wedding. However, I had K.C. as our MC and, from what I understand, he is no longer with the company. From what I can gather, he started a new company under his own name -- I'm not sure of any of the details though. All of our interactions were with K.C., and the secretary Laura (who is really nice). So, given that, I don't know how useful of a review I can give for you. 

    That said, it might still be worth your while to go check them out and see if you click with any of the DJs/MCs there (they used to have meet-and-greets). If you do, you can select that specific person for your wedding. 
    For us, we met with K.C. and immediately clicked with his personality, style, and philosophy. And that compatibility is ultimately what made it so good. 

    So overall, I'd say go check them out :) 
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    I should probably clarify that K.C. was actually the founder of Spinnin' Discs, which is partially why I don't know how useful my review of the company is. Since my interaction was mostly limited to the founder (who may/may not be affiliated with the company anymore), my review of the company may/may not be useful in reflecting what the company's like now.

    But, like I said, probably still worth checking out, if only because "click" is so important.

    Also, if you're interested specifically in K.C., here's what I found on his new group:
    Based solely on what we saw of his work with Spinnin' Discs, I would recommend looking into this new group as well if you're interested. 

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    Thanks for the positive feedback.  I'm glad you were happy with our services for your wedding.  I wanted to clarify that I have been the owner of Spinnin' Discs Entertainment for over 2 years and would love for people to check out our reviews on Wedding Wire.  We also host a monthly open house at our Schaumburg office where you can come meet our talented staff and learn more about our services.

    Thanks again for the great feedback!
    Laura Flamion

    Spinnin' Discs Entertainment
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