FOR SALE: Brides Ivory Invitations 30 ct

I just got married and have 1 extra box of the Brides line invitation kit left over. I used the kit and everyone thought they were professionally printed. THe kits are $40 at Michaels. I'll sell this one unused for $25 and I included extra ribbon. So you'll be spending less than $1/invite!!!

THe kit comes with ribbon, but I chose not to use them on the invites for weight reasons. Which worked out beautifully, because even though the envelope said "extra postage required" I kept it underweight and paid the normal stamp price and the extra ribbons were used for gift wrapping and to decorate bubbles :)

Gartner studios has the downloadable templates, so you don't have to worry formatting correctly. 

Re: FOR SALE: Brides Ivory Invitations 30 ct

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    Hey I'd be interested!  I have been buying the kits and still need one more (I've been waiting for a good coupon).  I'll PM you

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    Hi I'm using these invitations for my wedding and was just wondering if you remember what the weight of the invitations was with and without the ribbon? Thanks!
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