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Hi all. Has anyone attended or had a wedding at A New Leaf in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood? What was the guest count? I visited yesterday and the person I spoke to said 120 could fit for a buffet dinner with everyone sitting at the same time, although it's tight (and that's the max). That's pretty much the number we're expecting, so I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts about the space. I just adore the venue -- it's the exact "feel" that we're going for.

Thank you!

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    We were at A New Leaf yesterday as well! :) We absolutely love the space. We're going for a smaller wedding, hopefully 60-70 (we'll try to do a sit-down dinner there). Roschelle, who we spoke with yesterday, also mentioned that for a buffet style they could fit up to 120, but to be honest it seems like that would be a little tight for the space, in my opinion. I'v never been to a wedding there myself, but i live just 5 minutes away and saw it set up for receptions many times. Usually, I've noticed smaller crowds. Roschelle also mentioned that you could split up the seating arrangement to have half of the people downstairs and the other half upstairs, which could work, but i think it's a bit odd. If you're planning to have the wedding when it's still warm you might be able to pull it off for 120, since some people will be able to spread out to the garden area. Have you put any dates on hold with them yet? If not, you definitely should do it soon, since they are pretty bokod up for most of fall already.
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    I don't know if you have a DOC, but the DOC at my wedding does a LOT of weddings at New Leaf and is very familiar with what works there.  You may want to reach out to him and ask him for his opinion.  I would say that he is a really good resource to tell you even what vendors work well at New Leaf.

    You can check out the pictures of the weddings he has done there on his FB page.
    His name is Anthony Navarro from Liven It Up Events.  Anthony did such a phenomenal job at my wedding (he's shown in our wedding SDE setting things up and pouring the beer in our unity cup) and you can also read his glowing reviews on Yelp.   Hope this helps!
    Our wedding SDE: Our wedding Feature: PW=demo
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    Unfortunately I didn't put a date on hold, and now it seems all the days we were looking at are booked. Bummer. I loved the venue. I had no idea places booked nearly 1.5 years out! 

    And Golfer09, thanks for the DOC rec. I think it's a fabulous idea, and would ease a lot of my stress on the day of.
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    My name is Angel founder of Eventique Chicago Event planning and design professionals. I have organized several events at A New Leaf and max I have done then was 100-105, with that said this is such a cozy place. Be open minded as to splitting the seating some of your guests will choose to mingle while you and your soon to be will be celebrating with your closest on the dance floor (depending on your vision). There are option when choosing this.

    Hope this helps please feel free to email me at
    If this was helpful please join us on facebook and recieve exclusive offers off services.

    Angel R.
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