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Is it tacky to keep the first dance out of the wedding? My fiance feels really awkward dancing in front of anyone and he's just not comfortable doing it. And i really dont want to put him in a situation that he dosn't feel comfortable in. So i was just wondering if we could just keep the first dance out of the wedding.

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    I see nothing wrong with that. If he feels better leaving it out, then do it. It's your wedding. Do what you feel is right.
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    Some people may feel there something missing, but if you cut the first dance as a couple, I would guess that you're also not doing father-daughter or mother-son dances. Are you ok with that? My DH is not a dancer at all and felt weird about dancing, but we just did the old-school "8th grade sway" type of dance for our first dance, and he handled it just fine. You can even ask your DJ to cut the song length so you're not up there for 4 minutes.

    Of course if he's that uncomfortable, it's your wedding and you can cut it if you want to.
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    We also didn't feel comfortable doing one, but we decided to take some dance classes.  We're learning a really easy foxtrot, and now that's one of the parts that we are lookng forward to the most!  It has helped us to be more confident plus it's been fun learning! Ultimately though, it is what you guys feel the most comfortable doing.
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