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I am new here and am curious if any of you used a wedding planning organizer to help you with all the wedding planning? There are so many different books, binders, websites out there- I am looking for something where everything will be in one spot, where I can print pictures and store in one place and use for ideas...which wedding planning book are you using??

If you are using ine, are you finding it helpful and beneficial??

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    I bought mine from borders, and I love it!!  I just browsed until I found the one I thought had everything I would need.  It was about $30 bucks but I had a good coupon and a gift card to use up, so I didn't pay anything out of pocket.  So if you want to save some money, you can just print out all the pages you need and make a binder yourself.  I know many ladies that have done this, but I can't remember which site they printed out the docs from.  I would say try google docs have a lot of document if not google it, and I am sure it will turn up. 
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    I also bought mine at Borders using a 40% off coupon that they emailed out.  They have tons to pick from!  You can also try the half price book stores, I found some nice ones there too!
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    I bought mine from a boutique home store (At Home in the City), but you can get it at other places like amazon.  It's called The Wedding Workbook by Kimberly Schlegel Whitman.  It's a BIG thick binger with page dividers like "budget, the bride, flower & decor, cake & catering, wedding party, invitations", ect and they have pockets inside of them.  I put a ton of other inserts in it by gluing them to cardstock & using a three hole punch.  It's very easy to stay organized, I love it!
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    i had a panic attack looking at all of the options at instead i bought a book called "the 'i have a life' bride's guide"-planning the wedding you've always wanted-without losing your mind (by andrea mattei) one of the first things it says in the book is to make your own binder.  that is the only way it will have all the info that is pertinent to you. it gives you ideas of what section dividers to put in.  this is working much better for me.  my binder is not full of a bunch of sections that i don't need and i added a few that were necessary for me.
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    I thought a great book was The Wedding Book by Mindy Weiss. It breaks down absolutely every topic there is. I thought it was super helpful. It isn't a workbook, but more of a informational book, but covers literally every topic in detail.
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