Cheap chiavari chair rentals

Has anyone found any? I am still looking! TIA!

Re: Cheap chiavari chair rentals

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    have you checked through your venue? ours offered them for like $5 or $6 a chair but we opted to not get them.
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    Hall's has them but they're like 9 bucks a chair. Check through your venue or caterer. My caterer uses Hall's and they can't possibly be in the $9 zone from the cost comparison of me renting everything vs them.
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    For $5 a chair I would have totally taken them! Our venue offered them for $15 a chair! The cheapest I found was $7 each. We settled for ivory chair covers and champagne sashes which came with our venue instead of bringing in rented chiavari chairs. I even tried calling all the rental places the week of our wedding, to see if they would be willing to rent us excess inventory for the upcoming weekend for $5 per chair, and it was a no go. They would have unrented chairs and make $0 than reduce their prices. I was shocked! 
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    That is shocking, but I guess they just don't want word to get out about lowering prices!
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    I found them for 5.50 at covered affairs in River Grove, IL
  • Do you, by any chance, remember how much the delivery and set up was? We're looking for them as well and the prices for delivery/set up have been really outrageous. Thanks!
  • Try Tanttrix Inc. They do it for $5.95 a chair.
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    Prestige Wedding Decoration has the cheapest chiavari chairs in Chicagoland area for only $4.50, check availability.
  • Prestige Wedding Decoration have them for $4.5 a chair
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    [QUOTE]Has anyone found any? I am still looking! TIA!
    Posted by MyWedding13[/QUOTE]
    Prestige Wedding Decoration have them for $4.5
  • Did anyone rent the chairs from Prestige Wedding?
  •  I used Prestige for my chiavari chairs and table cloths & napkins - they were GORGEOUS!!!

    I have to admit - I was skeptical like you are because their price was so low compared to everyone else - but I met with the owner, Evgeni, and he is legit. He showed me the chairs, let me see samples of the table clothes, and I was sold. His crew that delivered and set up the chairs was super prompt and professional, according to my DOC. Below is a pic! Everyone complimented me on the chairs and tablecloths all night!

     and teimage
    250 Chivairi Chairs @ $4 each = $1,000

    28 table cloths @ $17 each      = $476
    250 napkins @ $1 each            = $250
    Subtotal                                  = $1726
    Delivery/Setup                         = $345
    Total                                        = $2071
  • Has anyone else used Prestige? How much is delivery and setup? Did they arrive on time, etc? Thanks!
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