How to guesstimate how many rooms to book for hotel block

I think I need to start looking into the hotel block situation now. However, I'm not sure how many to book. I guess technically all of my guests would be "OOT"....For many, if not all it would be an hour drive to our wedding or more.

Did you ask your guests or just sort of estimate on your own how many rooms you need to block?

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Re: How to guesstimate how many rooms to book for hotel block

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    I heard from a couple of people and I don't have a lot of OOT guests.  I booked the minimum 10, and then figured if there are a few more, then that probably would not be a problem... In order for us to have transportation and a free room, then we need 10.

    Since you have a summer wedding, I would definitely start looking to book soon.


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    I think a lot of hotels will block 10 or less for you without a commitment, which I thought was nice. I did 3 hotels and did the minimum at 2 of them and then the hotel we will be staying at and getting ready I did 20 rooms, and they had a minimum of 5, which was already taken up with just our immediate family. We are having about 200 people with maybe 1/3 from out of town. I know most places will let you add as it fills up too.
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    We counted how many parties were from out of town and likely to come. We have to at least make 10 rooms to get the group rate. We counted about 15-20 rooms based on the guest list, so we started the block with 15 and our hotel will add more as needed.
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    Almost 100% of our guests were from OOT (180 guests), so we did the un-traditional method and emailed our close family and friends (it was almost 9 months in advance) to see if they were likely to want a hotel room. These were people who knew they would be invited to the wedding. For everyone else, we made a guesstimate if they would be needing a room. We ended up booking 110 rooms between Friday and Saturday night, and that was the only way we were going to be able to come close to our number for the guarantee. I'm actually really glad we sent an email, because there were quite a few people we didn't anticipate would need rooms. 

    If you are looking downtown, check out Hotel 71. We were able to get a really good rate for a Saturday in August and did one huge room block there. Perrin Himmel was fantastic to work with.  
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