Tell me all about your Bachelorette Party!!

If you had your bachelorette party in the city, I want to hear all about it! I am planning a friends bach party and she says she doesn't care where we go/what we do! So please tell me what you did or are planning to do for yours!! I don't live in the city so am not really sure where to start or where would be good bars to go so any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks ladies!

Re: Tell me all about your Bachelorette Party!!

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    Check out Flirty Girl Fitness. We had an awesome time there taking a lap dance class while drinking martinis! They also have pole dancing, coyote ugly, and music video dance classes. It's perfect for bachelorette parties. We went there for my friend's bparty and then went to dinner and to the Baton Club for the drag revue. Everything was great. And mine was really fun too! We went to Zocalo for dinner (because I love tequila!) and then Second City and hit up the bars afterwards.
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    I'll let you know in two weeks :)  It's a surprise for me. 

    A friend of mine had a joint bachelor/ette party with her now husband by starting at the Cubs game.  After the game, we went our separate gender ways - we girls went to freshen up, had dinner at Lux Bar, and then went to the bars around the Gold Coast area (Le Passage, Level, etc).  It was a lot of fun.

    Another one had dinner at Quartinos (Italian tapas) and then went out to Pops for Champagne and Martini Park (at least that was the plan).  I had to miss out.

    Have fun :)
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    Not sure if this is too far out of your way but we went here for my friends birthday party and it was lots of fun.  I saw a lot of other parties there like bachelorettes and birthdays also.  Its $ 25 a person which includes complimentary drinks and an appetizer buffet, and they have a show called Gentlemen.... I liked it a lot and I'm booking it for my friends bach this summer. Here is the link:

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    These are all great ideas,places I have gone are for others B-Parties:

    Baton Club
    Kit Kat Lounge
    The Wit
    Pop's for Champagne
    The Violet Hour
    Sushi Samba
    Hangge Uppe
    Rush and Division Bars
    Cubs Rooftop
    Flirty Girl Fitness
    Trolley Bar Crawl around the city

    I just had mine last weekend, it was sooo fun! My bridemaids had everyone over at one of the girl's house and had it catered, we had drinks, opened gifts. The caterer was so great! The next night we drove to where I went to school, IU and went out. It was super fun.
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    another good dance place is all about dance - i'm thinking that i might want to do the dance thing or even a pilates lesson before the festivities kick off.

    GREAT post though :) i'm getting excited for mine
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    For one of my good friend's bachelorette party we went to lunch and shopping at Macy's (it was right before Christmas), pole dancing lessons at S Factor (which was a really fun and empowering experience), and then to Samba Sushi and LaSalle Power Company. It was a great day.

    I'd suggest calling ahead to the club you intend to go to to make sure you'll be able to get in right away and not stand in line.
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    Mine is also a surprise (and in 2 weeks!) but I planned a friend's a couple of years ago. We did dinner at Iberico (tapas), stopped for drinks at English, and then went to Baton for the show. We didn't want to spend a ton on cabs so everything was in the same 'hood.
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